After winning the quiz battle, I won the battle

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day

Hi friends how are you all hope all is well and healthy i am very good and healthy by the infinite mercy of the creator and i always wish you good health


Splendor loving friends will always be good and healthy because everyone is so attracted to this village road. When this game is played we have nothing else in mind so we are engaged in this game. This game actually requires a lot of intelligence.

Today I received a gift after my batter victory
I had to work hard to win the battle. I won five battles after playing a maximum of thirty because I don't have a job that I can use to win very easily. The winner has finally been seen

If you want to play Quiz Battle we have to play the game according to many rules so you can't play on your own volition. Liked it a lot

Quiz Battle After playing a few battles I really liked it and thought that if I share the bat with my friends online they will enjoy it.



It's hard to win this 21-man battle because my opponents who are playing now are very strong and many are going to have a good fight so I have to fight hard.





I used this Mana card first
and used the attacking card
with it using Fire One or Supporting

6213Tank Heal

Goblin Psychic.jpg
and another Fire Attacking card respectively
and finally won. The battery looked much better after the battery and some screenshots of the battery: I hope to present to you. You will feel much better
You can enjoy this battle for you respectively, so I have given the link of the battle here. I hope you will like it a lot. I wish you all the best.