Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

Hello Splinterlands loving friends

How are you all hope everyone is well and healthy keep in touch with them they are getting different types of force or battle winning gift cards every day why not feel good

Not only that, it is also related from here if the more battle wins and rewards from here, the more SPS can be accumulated and currently the value of space token is not bad at all, if the market price of bitcoin increases, this token will increase in future. Very good bright

We all know that currently the bitcoin market is going through a very bad situation, but they are all nothing. If the creator looks down on us, then maybe everything will be fine again. Since the bitcoin market is down, all kinds of tokens or different blocks. The price has come down a lot

Guys, we know that this community allows us to submit two posts a week, not just two, but different types of submissions, but within that we mostly have social media challenges and a weekly contest based on a card, but today that A very interesting card based on the competition theme

This week's star player played a battle for weekly social media sharing and decided to play Water Splendor and finally I won the battle let's start.

Played a battle using Order Splendor to make 30 and using these cards as mana wood and it's a very powerful card if it has auto healing cards with it then no problem and I've used a lot of good cuts with auto healing.

First, let's talk about the analysis of the mana cards used

It might not look very attractive at first glance, but if we look at how it evolves, it's a card that gets better with increasing levels. In progressing from level to level, at most it is a rare card, it improves only one point of life and speed and two points of life. Sin prohibition, las majoras se centro en sus habilides.

A rare card. It belongs to the Chaos Legion version. A version that would soon become the youngest version of the game with the arrival of Riftwatchers. A card with a Magic-type attack and four points of summon cost, it provides one point of attack and two points of speed and life. In addition, at its first level it already has the dispel ability. This ability removes all positive status from cards receiving Venary Spellsmith's attack.

Friends without talking much about the winning battle that I am going to present to you today, I want to tell you a few things. First of all, I am using Art Splendor and my operation is using more but I am 26 man and I have gained a lot of experience by playing this battle. It seems that because he may have had a very good gift card but I didn't have a good one yet I played battles on the cards that I have on my personal ID.

A total of five rounds were played and the cards I used here I am presenting the actions of my mana card. Also very useful for autoling on this card

Similarly, I used another fire attacking card from Eighth Spender.

And in this battle the most important role for the battle winner is this auto healing card but here we all know about it

And the main topic and main topic of today's discussion is the card that I used in this position in this place and maybe because of this I was able to win the battle not only that I didn't lose a single reason but also that I didn't lose a reason I was able to win easily. has been

Here are some screenshots from my winning battles, hope you like them

And so that you can enjoy my victory, I am presenting the link of the battle here
Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, pray for me. Thank you all sincerely for being with me

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