The first quiz winner is Battle

How are you my splendor loving friends everybody hope everybody is well i wish you all the best

Today I won the Quiz Battle for the first time but the Quiz Battle seems very difficult to me because I can't play on my own. Here I have to follow Rose. It is not possible to do so, so you have to be very careful

Cursed Windeku.jpg

Carrion Shade.jpg

Silent Sha-vi.jpg

The battles of the other day did not seem so difficult to me but today when I went to play the quiz battles I was very surprised because the team I have to play with or the team that will be allowed me to be the winner is a kind of challenge so do not despair. I tried to be the winner of the batters, but in the end I was the winner, I felt a lot better


The battle that was at the end was a battle of 16 manas which I have come to present to you now. I have enjoyed it a lot and I hope you will like it too.


At first I made a selection and on this site this card is used CURSED WINDEKU as a lot of attacking card CARRION SHADE
and after that it has

SILENT SHA-VI finally won but from the first round to the second round it seems to me that I have lost. Presented





I have put the link of the battle here so that you can enjoy the battle. I hope you will like it a lot.
Everyone will be fine and healthy and thank you for visiting my post