Weekly Statistics For The $SPT Token

Hello friends of $SPT, Friends of $HIVE and all others,

here are the:

$SPT Statistics for the last week:

The timeframe is from 2023-05-12 to 2023-05-19.
(There are small differences between the figures and the tables, because I used slightly different timeslots. I'm working on that.)

Bought $SPT By Time

This figure shows who has bought how many $SPT at which time:

Top $SPT Buyers and $HIVE Sellers

The inside of the circle shows the buyers of $SPT, ordered by $HIVE they have spent. The outside shows the recipients of that $HIVE (sellers of $SPT):

Commulated Amount Of Bought $SPT Per Person

This figure shows the top 10 $SPT buyers, how much they got and how much $HIVE they spend for this. It is sorted by $HIVE, that was spent:

Table Of Top 20 $SPT Buyers

This table shows the top ten buyers of $SPT sorted by the $HIVE, they have spent:

Buyer(Descending)Sold $HIVE% Sold $HIVEBought $SPTAvg. PriceNumber of Trades

Commulated Amount Of Sold $SPT Per Person

This figure shows the top 10 $SPT Sellers, how much they sold and how much $HIVE they got for this, sorted by $HIVE:

Table Of Top 20 $SPT Sellers

This table shows the top ten sellers of $SPT Sorted by the $HIVE, they have got:

Seller(Descending)Earned $HIVE% Earned $HIVESold $SPTAvg. PriceNumber of Trades

Price of the $SPT

This figure shows the price of $SPT for the last period:

$SPT Summarize Metrics

This table shows how much $HIVE was given by buy-requests, that where equal or higher than the sell order vs. sell-requests, that were equal or lower than the buy order.
If the buy-requests where higher than the sell-requests, then money comes into the system and the value of the token increases.

Under the total line one can see the sum of $HIVE and sum of $SPT that changed the ownership and the average price of $SPT for the last period.

RequestReceived HiveReceived HIVE %Sold $SPTAvg. Price

Comparison With Other Tokens


This figure shows the value of $HIVE compared to some token for the last period. Be aware of the nonlinear (root square) y-axes.



This figure shows the value of $USD compared to some token for the last period. Be aware of the nonlinear (root square) y-axes.


The HIVE rank in Coinmarktecap is: 156


Table Of Token Prices in $HIVE and $USD

This table shows the average value of the prices of the token for the last period. One can see Hive and the US-Dollar compared to the token.



All stats are without warranty.
They are taken from:

curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "find", "params": { "contract": "market", "table": "tradesHistory", "query": { "symbol": "TOKEN"}, "limit":1000, "offset": 0 }, "id": 1 }' 'https://api.hive-engine.com/rpc/contracts'

I have put them into logfiles and uploaded them to Kibana, from which I took the screenshots.
If you find errors, please tell me!

If you want me to continue the stats, give me some good upvotes ;-)

If you want to see other statistics (even from totaly other data), please contact me. I can create them weekly or monthly if I get some rewards for it.

For more details see here: How I Have Set Up Elasticsearch And Kibana On My Raspberry Pi To Monitor Token Activities and here: Do You Want To See Statistics Of Your Favorite HIVE Token? or on github.

Here are the stats from the other tokens I observe: https://peakd.com/@achimmertens/posts?filter=stats

Regards, Achim Mertens