Das war knapp aber i take the dip---Take the dip




Hello friends of Splinterlands

hard to believe but I just went off and made the opponent totally shit. I can't believe it but it's true and I'm so happy. Long live Splinterlands the best game ever and forever. I wish you good luck and that the Hive >Blockchain illuminates the dark side of the force. What do you say about that????

Your adacardano

Hallo Freunde von Splinterlands

kaum zu glauben aber ich habe mal eben voll abgegangen und den Gegner voll zum abkacken gebracht. ich kann es nicht glauben aber est ist wahr und ich freue mich sowas was von.

Es lebe Splinterlands das beste Speiel seit langem und forever.

Ich wünsche euch viel göück und das die Hive >Blockchain die dunkle Seite der Macht erhellt.

Was sagt ihr dazu????

Euer adacardano

Quelle Bild https://itch.io/jam/splinterlandsio-game-jam-1000-prize-pool


The people doing V2K with remote neural monitoring want me to believe this lady @battleaxe is an operator. She is involved deeply with her group and @fyrstikken . Her discord is Battleaxe#1003. I cant prove she is the one directly doing the V2K and RNM. Doing it requires more than one person at the least. It cant be done alone. She cant prove she is not one of the ones doing it. I was drugged in my home covertly, it ended badly. They have tried to kill me and are still trying to kill me. I bet nobody does anything at all. Ask @battleaxe to prove it. I bet she wont. They want me to believe the V2K and RNM in me is being broadcast from her location. And what the fuck is "HOMELAND SECURITY" doing about this shit? I think stumbling over their own dicks maybe? Just like they did and are doing with the Havana Syndrome.

They are reckless and should have shown the proper media what they had before taking me hostage for 5 years. I know there are many in prison that dont deserve to be there because of this. Your stay in prison will not be fun @battleaxe and friends. People are going to want you dead when they find out what you did. I hope you die a slow painful death. You sick mother fuckers.


Its a terrorist act on American soil while say its not real or Im a mental case. Many know its real. This is an ignored detrimental to humanity domestic threat. Ask informed soldiers in the American military what their oath is and tell them about the day you asked me why. Nobody has I guess. Maybe someone told ill informed soldiers they cant protect America from military leaders in control with ill intent. How do we protect locked up soldiers from telling the truth?