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Many new players waited patiently for Chaos Legion to come out in order to start investing in leveled up summoners. I was one of them and let me tell you - playing with leveled up summoners now is awesome!

So as you go through trying to figure out where to best focus, I wanted to pose a summoner that may not be an obvious choice.

That would be Quix The Devious.

Let's start out from a cost perspective. As Quix is a legendary all you need to get to Silver or Gold is 3 BCX or 6 BCX, respectively. Opposed to the rare summoners which require 25 BCX just to max for Silver, the overall cost actually comes out to be cheaper. Looking at gold and above, the price difference really starts to widen in favor of Quix.

From a flexibility perspective, Dragons offer so much versatility. When looking across the rares and commons of Chaos Legion on the market, it doesn't take much to get them leveled up to Silver or Gold as many of the commons are going for pennies right now. The ability to play across splinters is one of the best features of the Dragon splinter, so why not take advantage of that from a cost perspective as well and get a summoner that you can play with leveled up cards across the board.

Quix may not have the best debuffs as a summoner (reduced range attack and speed), but I find him to be very effective in many situations and have won quite a few games with him. Plus, he's the most affordable summoner to get to Gold level right now and that is my next main focus.

Just something to consider - this is NOT financial advice. Would love to hear your experience with Quix or any other summoners that you have leveled up though!

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I completely agree, level up Quix first! I was lucky enough to be able to max him out with what I got in packs so far. He is really affordable right now, and I do think that his price will go up in the future. He is a legendary summoner, after all! (not financial advice!)