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I suggest everyone to look at the world easier and with a smile, to love life and be open to new horizons of communication! Mutual subscription is welcome))

Russia, Krasnodar Joined March 2019


Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
9.303664 SPT
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
40.960131 SPT

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
Steem can be converted to STEEM POWER in a process called staking.
18.213 STEEM
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
Part of alfatron777's STEEM POWER is currently delegated. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions. Your delegation amount can fluctuate.
1 112.545 STEEM
(-210.875 STEEM)
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

Steem Engine Token
Steem Engine is a smart contracts side-chain platform for the Steem blockchain.
3.121 AFITX1 ASS1 BEER100 BTCMYK1 CHLP204.201 COCO0.846(50) CTP1 DRAMA1 EEK0(109.062) FUTURE0(10,000) GEEK11.82(256.42) GG5,000 GOD0.220(68.854) INT1.281(81) JAHM9.371(331.493) LEO0.072(5.072) LIFESTYLE0 MARLIANS1 MEEP0(25,001) MEME0.019 NEOXAG19.008(485.128) PAL19.627(19.627) PHOTO0(502.569) POINT1 SAND5,612.459(5,579) SPORTS0(1) STEEMSPEAK7.604(197.180) STEM0(1) SWEET0.01 TLOSP0(101.55) TRDO9.091(26) ZZAN


Beware of spam and phishing links in transfer memos. Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites. Transactions will not show until they are confirmed on the blockchain, which may take a few minutes.
yesterdayCuration reward: 0.007476 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-i-sezonnaya-nagrada-21-yanvarya
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.004974 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-i-sezonnaya-nagrada-20-yanvarya
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.004350 SPT for cranium/splinterlands-market-is-alive
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.005510 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-i-sezonnaya-nagrada-18-yanvarya
13 days agoCuration reward: 0.006222 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-9-yanvarya
14 days agoCuration reward: 0.034356 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-8-yanvarya
16 days agoCuration reward: 0.006670 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-6-yanvarya
17 days agoCuration reward: 0.008786 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-5-yanvarya
18 days agoCuration reward: 0.031967 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-4-yanvarya
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.005794 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-3-yanvarya
20 days agoCuration reward: 0.005341 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-2-yanvarya
21 days agoCuration reward: 0.005304 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-1-yanvarya
22 days agoCuration reward: 0.005016 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-31-dekabrya
22 days agoCuration reward: 0.004960 SPT for maxer27/nagrada-za-sezon-v-steemmonsters-31-dekabrya
23 days agoCuration reward: 0.005536 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-30-dekabrya
24 days agoCuration reward: 0.005243 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-29-dekabrya
25 days agoCuration reward: 0.004993 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-28-dekabrya
26 days agoCuration reward: 0.004826 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-27-dekabrya
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.005321 SPT for maxer27/35dw1t-ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-24-dekabrya
29 days agoCuration reward: 0.004518 SPT for cranium/defeat-from-rusty-android-win-500-dec
29 days agoCuration reward: 0.004929 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-24-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004303 SPT for pardinus/splinterlands-fantasy-story-and-music-contest-week-29-rage-of-the-undying
last monthCuration reward: 0.004835 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-23-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004902 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-21-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004885 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-20-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004995 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-19-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.005899 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-18-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004204 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-17-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004234 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-15-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004436 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-14-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004586 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-13-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004519 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-12-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.033720 SPT for jadams2k18/jack-the-dragon-jumper-splinterlands-fantasy-story-and-music-contest-week-28
last monthCuration reward: 0.004019 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-10-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.006477 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-9-dekabrya
last monthCuration reward: 0.004282 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-8-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004294 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-7-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.003456 SPT for cranium/experiment-day-67-the-cost-of-my-collection-of-cards-exceeded-usd-40
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.005054 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-6-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.003753 SPT for cranium/2nd-place-also-a-good-result
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004086 SPT for cranium/it-s-always-nice-to-win
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004211 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-5-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004231 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-4-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004473 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-3-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.012610 SPT for cranium/experiment-day-63-i-buy-xia-seachan-1-lvl-and-make-a-list-of-my-cards
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.000387 SPT for alexvan/steemmonsters-experiment-from-zero-to-hero-lviii
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.003754 SPT for cranium/i-and-splinterlands
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.004301 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-2-dekabrya
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.001895 SPT for pedromonteiro/steemmonsters-season-rewards-pt-aee81ab8c09daest
2 months agoCuration reward: 0.003891 SPT for maxer27/ezhednevnyi-kvest-v-steemmonsters-1-dekabrya
2 months agoReceived 0.429427 SPT from tokens
3 months agoReceived 6.708218 SPT from tokens
4 months agoReceived 0.219274 SPT from tokens
5 months agoReceived 0.699643 SPT from tokens
5 months agoReceived 0.009317 SPT from tokens
5 months agoReceived 0.793221 SPT from tokens
5 months agoReceived 5.633365 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 3.869794 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 0.770464 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 0.553104 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 17.609798 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 0.234257 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 0.773782 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 3.549033 SPT from tokens
6 months agoReceived 0.132207 SPT from tokens
7 months agoReceived 1.307687 SPT from tokens
7 months agoReceived 0.978185 SPT from tokens
7 months agoReceived 3.645068 SPT from tokens
7 months agoReceived 2.347951 SPT from tokens