Powering up Hive and Converting HBD

To be honest, I was too lazy to go through the rules of @hivebuzz 's #HPUD and #HPUM. And yes, I missed January, since we are already a couple of days into the month. But nevertheless I want to support the initative:

To have a say on the blockchain, it is important to increase your Hive Power!

The bigger your HP is, the bigger your curation rewards are and the more you can earn.
At the time of writing I am sitting on around 170 HP. This is not a lot and according to HiveBuzz I am a small fish. So for me, there is a long way to go to get in the dolphin, orca or even whale region.

Hive is the backbone of the whole community. And if more people hold assets and have "a say" in the community it is stronger.

Also it allows you to support newcomers or your favorite authors in a better way. And you profit as well, since your curation rewards are increasing.

Recently it was also great to be a Hive Holder, since @ragnarok.game drop NFTs to all Hive-Holders. The more Hive and HP you had, the more NFTs you got. And this game is probably going to be a big thing.

I hope to participate on the next #HPUD and in February on the #HPUM. And I suggest you to consider it as well!