Today's Rentals & Zintar's Tea


So during last night's lucid dream I had a conversation with Zintar with him telling me how he and his squad are tired of Jester's constant gossiping, shit talking and most annoying of all, his tired pranks.

He really pisses me off that Twistard! Zintar exclaimed.

He then went on to spill the whole squad's tea. How they mine, who they dine with, which lines would get them to defect, the whole schbang. Links for the cheat codes in the description below.

He sure to likes to gossip that one, what a schmuck.

Come to think of it, why the fuck did I even decide to hang with him during lucid of all time?

Anywho, Today's rentals. As usual, first comes Arius, then the Summoners, then as the season goes on add more to my rooster depending on the depends and the available spends.



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