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Yeeey I'm back again with my Splinterlands post. If my previous post GRUND, The Destroyer! following the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge, then this post is to follow the Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. The theme for this week is Chaos Legion Epic monster from element Water, Nerissa Tridawn.

I am happy to accept this challenge, because Nerissa Tridawn is indeed one of the monsters that is always in my deck. This is because Nerissa Tridawn has great magic damage, and also has considerable HP. So it is very suitable to be used as an attacker in battle.

Well, the battle that I will share is what I do when doing rank battles in the Diamond league, so maybe the strategy I apply is only effective for the Gold-Diamond league, and will not be effective for battles in other leagues because the difference in the ability that is open from each monster is also different. Well, I'm neither a proplayer nor a tournament hero. I just enjoys sharing strategy and battles that I find interesting in my own view.



Nerissa is a proud warrior of the water. Armed with her enchanted trident, she defends the seas, the rivers, and the lakes. She is well known across coastal villages, and they often call on her for help. She has slain great sea beasts that would otherwise kill everyone in their path. She has rescued sailors from hurricanes, and even warned villages of incoming tsunamis to save lives. Her bravery and brilliance in battle have led to her being called Nerissa the Hurricane.

Short LORE Nerissa Tridawn


Nerissa Tridawn is a Chaos Legion Epic monster that has 9 mana and has no abilities from level 1 to max level. Millestone's stats increase from each level increase shown by this monster is an increase in the amount of damage, speed, and also an increase in HP. Because it has considerable damage and HP, this monster can be an alternative to tanks and the main attacker.

Even though it doesn't have abilities, but quite often we see this monster in every battle, because I think this monster is indeed a favorite of many players. Even the rent of this monster level up is quite expensive. Just imagine, the max level of this monster has 5 magic attack damage, and HP 11. With mana 9, of course, the stats that this monster has are indeed appropriate.




The rulesets in this battle are:

  • Melee Mayhem (Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position)
  • Armored Up (All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their roemal Armor stat)
  • Aim True (Attacks always hit their target)
  • Mana Capacity 48
  • Elements Active Water, Earth, Life and Death.

The strategy that I will apply in this battle is a defensive and attacking strategy at the same time. A strong tank in the first position, a Second Tank who is also an attacker, in the second position, and also an alternative Tank in the third position who is also an attacker. The rest of the existing slots will be filled by support monsters and attackers who also have good damage. The line-up and strategy of each monster I chose can be seen in the table below:

POSSIBILUS.pngPossibilus The WiseSummoner+2HP, Trample, ReachI choose Legendary Summoner Possibilus The Wise because of its abilities is quite supportive for existing rulesets. Of course, the Trample ability given to all the monster comrades is very useful for these Melee Mayhem rulesets.
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-57.jpgBaakjiraFirst (Tank)Void, Slow, Strengthen, HealNon damage monster Baakjira as main tank, this monster is purely a Tank because its abilities support it to become a tank. Voids will reduce magic attacks, Slow provides debuff speed for all opposing monsters, Strengthen will increase HP for all monster friends, and Heal abilities that make this monster quite difficult to kill because of the HP restore carried out in each round. .
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-56.jpgArkemis The BearSecond (Tank, Support)Protect, Halfing, Forcefield, EnrageThe stats and abilities possessed by this monster make it concurrently play the role of an attacker, tank, and support. Attacker who has 4 melee attacks, 4 speeds, Halfing abilities, and also additional Tramples that will be received from the Summoner. As a support, this monster has Protect abilities that will provide an additional 2 Armor for all monster friends, and as a Tank if Baakjira dies this monster has Forcefield and Enrage Abilities. In addition, this monster also has large HP, and has Armor as well.
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-54.jpgDjinn OshanusThird (Tank, Attacker)Void, Phase, ForcefieldDjinn Oshanus as an attacker has 3 magic attack damage and also a high speed of 5. If you play a role as a tank, this mustard is also very strong and will make the enemy quite troublesome because it has the Void ability that reduces magic attacks, as well as Phase ability which makes Magic attacks also quite difficult to hit. In addition, this monster also has active Forcefield ability to defend against monster attacks that have big mana and big attacks.
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-53.jpgNerissa TridawnFourth (Attacker)NoneNerissa Tridawn as the main attacker we have. Although it is not max level but already has 4 damage magic attacks. Of course, 4 magic damage is quite deadly for monsters that don't have Void.
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-51.jpgMardaali GuardianFifth (Support)Thank Heal, RepairSupport monster which will be at the heart of this formation because it has Thank Heal and Repair abilities, which make the defenses even stronger. Unfortunately, this monster may be the target of the Opportunity monster because it has the least HP compared to other monsters.
photo_2023-01-30_02-22-50.jpgMerdhampirLast (Attacker)Life Leech, Cripple, SnareAttackers who have 3 range attacks, as well as Life Leech abilities that make this monster's HP will increase if this monster's attack hits the HP of the target. In addition, this monster also has a Cripple ability that will make the opponent's HP decrease from every attack he gives. This monster also acts as a rear tank that guards other monsters from sneak monster attacks

You can see the line-ups of the two teams in the picture below. The opponent uses Summoner Grandmaster Rathe with a formation of 3 Melee monsters, 2 Magic monsters, and one Range monster. It looks like opponents are making good use of Melee Mayhem's rulesets.


The main tank of the opposing team is the Legionaire Alvar, which has Void Armor, Ginat Killer, and Demoarize abilities that are very useful in these rulesets. In second place is Chaos Knight with Shield, Ginat Killer, and Inspire abilities. In third place is Pelacor Albares who has 3 Range attack and Double Strike, and Flying abilities. The next position is Adelade Brightwing as a support monster that has Flying, Repair, Resurrect, Immunity and Swiftness abilities. In fifth place is Djinn Renona who has 4 magic damage and Strengthen and Triage abilities and in the last position there is a deal damage from this formation, namely Jared Scar who has 7 melee attacks, Bloodust ability, True Strike ability, and Piercing ability which makes this monster very scary. Are you curious about what this battle is like? Now, Let's jump to battlefield arena!




(Click the image above to direct to the battle link)

This battle goes long enough to determine the winner. I think a lot of interesting things since this battle went. And the winnings gained here seem to me to be very unexpected.


The battle begins with the giving of buffs and debuffs from all Summoners and Monsters. Even though the opposing team gets a speed increase from Swiftness, the average speed I have is still higher. Djinn Oshanus became the first monster to attack. From this first round, it was Legionaire Alvar who got Halfing from Arkemis the Bear.


In the second Round, Legionaire Alvar died for the first due to an attack from Arkemis The Bear, which made Trample so triggered and continued the attack on the Chaos Knight. Legionaire Alvar came to life again due to Resurrect by Adelade Brightwing. At the end of the second round, there was an interesting show when Jared Scar's Bloodust ability was active for killing Baakjira. Now my team has only 5 monsters left.


Enrage Arkemis The Bear was active from the start of the second round due to an attack from Djinn Renova. This time the attack from Jared Scar is no longer dead because it is blocked by the Forcefield ability of Arkemis The Bear. Legionaire Alvar also died in this third round.


Archemist The Bear died from the attack of Pelacor Albares. Now Djinn Oshanus is the main tank. Jared Sacare's attack was again blocked by Djinn Oshanus' Forcefield ability.


Chaos Knight died early in the fifth round. Up to this point, it was quite difficult for the opposing team to fight back and penetrate the defense of Djinn Oshanus because he continued to receive Thank Heal and Repair from the Mardaali Guardian.






In the end, this battle ended in the tenth round after the last monster, Jared Scar also died. I won with 4 monsters left. You can see the final result of this battle in the picture below.



The strategy I implemented worked very effectively in this battle. Although in the early rounds I was a little overwhelmed by the attack from Jared Scar which was very deadly, but things turned around after Djinn Oshanus was in first place. The Forcefield ability works very effectively, because the attack from Jared Scar that Bloodust is also active only deals 1 damage to monsters that have a Forcefield.

I think there are some points that allow me to win this battle. The first is because the opponent's formation array that I think is quite messy because it places the range of monsters in the middle. Moreover, the monster only has a small cellphone and no Close Range ability. In addition the Legionaire Alvar as the main Tank of Summoner Grandmaster Rathe I don't think is effective. Without Grandmaster Rathe also this monster already has Void Armor. So I think it's better to use Uriel The Purifier as the main Tank.

The second point is due to the Forcefield ability that works very effectively. Although my main tank died from the first round because it was unable to withstand the magnitude of the attack from Jared Scar, Jared Scar's attack only dealt 1 damage to the monster Forcefield. Of course, this is the determinant of this victory.



From the battle I've done, I can conclude that:

  • Nerissa Tridawn even though she doesn't have the ability but can act as a good attacker because she has great magic damage.
  • Forcefield ability is very useful to withstand attacks from Melee monsters that have more than 5 mana.
  • You should consider using a Tank that has Forcefield ability if you encounter Melee Mayhem rulesets

Ok guys, I think my post is enough here, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment. If you want to start playing Splinterlands and don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to use my referral:

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