Story time - Share your Battle Weekly challange Goblin Shaman


Rather then a battle strategy overview I will try today a battle story according to a recent fight with Goblin Shaman. I never wrote stories before, so bear with me, but I though this might be a refreshing change :)

A new day started and the air in the arena started to fill with energy. The sunshine just peaked out behind the mountains bringing sunlight to half of the arena, while the other half was still covered in shade.

The vibrant character of Brigton Bloom faced the sun filling the arena with light, his summoned monsters of Fire all were blinding the crowd with their golden wings. On the other side, standing in the shade Owster Rotwell, summoner of the Death, stood tall. It seemed his aura covers this side with darkness deflecting the rays of light back to the sun.

The monsters were ready fiercely looking to the other side.

The Goblin Shaman stood firm at the back of Brigton Blooms team and started to dance and scream vile chants on the battlefield. All who were not used to it were feeling disgust and nausea.

It were the Spark Pixies who used this moment and in a second started to circle above the Haunted Spirit, raining down lightning strikes on the bodiless mass and then retreating back on their side.

Rineas Rage followed them before the Spirit could realize what happened. He is hiding behind Living Lava, but with unprecedented speed he leaps forward and uses his momentum to lash out his whip on the Haunted Spirit cutting the air and leaving little sparkles where the whip hits. Before anyone could realize what happened Rineas was already behind Living Lava again leaving a strong mark behind.

It was now Seprentine Spy's time to act! He snuck behind the enemy lines, slithering in the darkness forward took out his compact spear and took his first victim. The furious chicken had no chance against the hungry Spy and was devoured in one piece, leaving a huge smile on the Spy's face.

Now Owster's team regained their focus, Haunted Spirit called for strength from the realms and attacked the Living Lava viciously. The heat and fluidity of the Lava made it hard to hit the creature, but it is in their Spirit to never give up. Their cold lifeless form froze the outer layers of the lava monster making it easier to hit.

This was the moment when a cry echoed from the back of the fire team. Goblin Shaman lost the ground below his feats. He was not able to react at all as an uncountable amount of teeth's surrounded and devoured him. He became a victim of the Sand worm. As his last shout echoed in the arena the whole Death team sight in relief and recovered from the vile chanting.

In the confusion Halfling Alchemist created a potion, which he throw towards the Lava creature blinding and disorienting him.

The scream reached Living Lava in the moment of the potions impact and enraged the huge creation. He went into a rage and started to throw molding rocks in front of him.
The rocks missed most of the time and the few dangerous once where caught by the Haunted Spirit, who protected his teammates enduring a bit of damage with this action.
The rain of rocks and the unawareness of Haunted Spirit was used by the Spark Pixies and Rineas Rage, who dealt a defeating double strike on the Haunted Spirit before it could recover. He disappeared into nothingness and Elven Defender took his place.

In the big turmoil Serpentine Spy got behind the Halfling Alchemist and with a precise move removed him from the battleground.

The Sand Worm tried to eat the Spark pixies as well, but they were to high and too fast for it to reach them. He stayed below them and waited for another chance.

Elven Defender charged the Living Lava cutting down it's arms, but he was unable to take the heat near the monster and got burned in the attack. Before he could move again he was struck by lightning, a whip and a hideous spear in the back. Loosing his balance he fell down. There was no fear in his eyes, when the huge fire monster covered him. He fought with honor.

As the Sandworm saw, how his teammates were defeated one by one he went underground and fled the area.

As every Shadowy Presence slowly disappeared in the morning sun, Brigthon Bloom celebrated his teams victory in the golden light rays.

You can check the fight here:


If you are new to the game or would like to try it out, feel free to reach out to me on Discord through the official Splinterlands discord channel and use my affiliate link: I will return to you 50 DEC so you can start your adventure, and rent a few great cards to move forward in the game.



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