Which are the best cards to buy for power - 11/08

This is a continuation on my series monitoring card prices. Let's see what happened in the last week.

Power is derived from the below table:

Pro tip: Promo cards can't be distinguished according to their border styles, but CP value is that of an Alpha card. Always double check a card before putting it on the market to see if it is not by chance a Promo card!

These prices are derived from lvl 1 cards, you might get better prices if you search for higher level cards!

Lowest Regular Foil card prices in the category:
PriceAlpha/PromoBeta/1st RewardDice/Untamed/2nd Reward LighingChaos/3rd Reward

And here is the overview of Power/Price, which means how much power you get for a dollar (the higher the number the better).

Regular Foil price/power:
Power/PriceAlpha/PromoBeta/1st RewardDice/Untamed/2nd RewardChaos/3rd Reward
Legendary15.4 Power/$15.8 Power/$18.7 Power/$22.6 Power/$
Epic12.2 Power/$20.7 Power/$21.0 Power/$26.7 Power/$
Rare17.6 Power/$20.1 Power/$23.1 Power/$31.7 Power/$
Common8.5 Power/$14.3 Power/$31.3 Power/$31.3 Power/$

Lowest Gold Foil card in category:
PriceAlpha/PromoBeta/1st RewardDice/Untamed/2nd Reward LighingChaos/3rd Reward

Gold Foil price/power:
Power/PriceAlpha/PromoBeta/1st RewardDice/Untamed/2nd RewardChaos/3rd Reward
Legendary12 Power/$18.9 Power/$29.4 Power/$28.5 Power/$
Epic25 Power/$25.6 Power/$27.8 Power/$25 Power/$
Rare22 Power/$21.5 Power/$26.7 Power/$23.5 Power/$
Common12.2 Power/$22.1 Power/$23.8 Power/$25.3 Power/$

So what cards are the best buys now. We have a restructuration of the market, let's look into it:
1st place goes to Regular foil Rare Chaos/3rd reward cards
2nd place is a tie and goes to Regular foil Dice/Untamed/2nd rewards cards and Chaos/3rd reward cards
3rd place goes Gold foil to Common foil Legendary Dice/Untamed/2nd rewards cards

It seems that the abundance of the new reward cards finally flooded the market driving the prices down.

The Power/Price ration rose the first time in 6 weeks, which is a great news for buyers:

DateBest card for $Percentage Change
9/2486.4 Power/$-
9/2980 Power/$- 7%
10/758.8 Power/$- 26.5%
10/1337.5 Power/$- 36.2%
10/2430.06 Power/$- 19.84%
10/2830.03 Power/$- 0.0009%
10/3129.04 Power/$- 0.0009%
10/3129.04 Power/$- 0.02%
11/0831.7 Power/$+ 9.16%

Here is an overview of Power/Price ratio for Chaos/3rd reward cards, where the increase in power is clearly visible.

We had one the biggest sales happening last week, when a card was bought for $50.000. This seems to be the peak of the last bull run, and the prices are calming down at the moment. The Power/Price index bounced back in the last week and increase by 9.16%, making it cheaper to buy power on the market.
I believe this is partially caused by the end of the voucher drop and the nearing release day of the Chaos League packs, but also as we are mid season. I think a small price increase will be visible end of season again, but till the first CL packs are released I expect no prices spikes in the card market.

Happy Buying

PS: Feel free to upvote/comment/follow/Pizza/Beer/WINE/LUV and so on. I will be happy if I see, that my posts are valuable :)


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