The Quest For Legendary Djiin Biljka


Hello, Splinterlords!

Are you also busy recovering from the information overload rendered to us by the recent Chaos Legion Set and Pre-Sale Info that was published yesterday? I bet you are now making plans on how to approach this exciting new development in the game.

So what are your thoughts? For me, I think I will just keep on staking what SPS I get from the airdrop. As we know, this contributes to the number of vouchers that will be available to us. The vouchers are required to purchase the packs. Apart from that, liquid SPS will also be favored since there will be discount when purchasing the packs with SPS. So I really think that SPS will be more expensive in the coming days.

Improving My Collection Power

Another thing that I try to do is improve my collection power. The past few days I tried to purchase a couple of Legendary cards from the new reward edition.

Guess what? The price since then had been slashed to half. While I am starting to feel like I made a bad decision splurging early, I still cannot deny that it makes me happy.

Djinn Biljka.png

Djinn Biljka is a legendary Earth monster from the reward edition of the Chaos Legion.

While a legendary, it only adds 500 to the DEC collection value. The low price in the market compels me to buy two more so that I could bring it up to at least level 2.

Level 1 has the camouflage ability, which means that it cannot be attacked unless it is in the first position. It also has 1 magic attack, slow at 1 speed and has 2 health. Level 2 has increased damage (2) magic and an extra void ability in addition to camouflage.

Summoner Limitation

Regrettably, I have not yet leveled up my summoners and they won't be able to maximize on a higher level Djinn Biljka. If ever I'd purchase more cards to bring mine to Level 2, then it might just be put on the rental market.

My Earth Summoners

Awesome Legendary!

Nonetheless, I am happy to own Djinn biljka. As I said, adding to my collection makes me happy.

Hopefully their value will also increase in the future.

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Cover Image Created via Canva.

Photos are screenshots taken from the game

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