Death element in Even Stevens Ruleset battle

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Even Stevens ruleset that only monsters with even mana cost may be used in the battles. So this ruleset force us to using even mana cost starting with 0 mana cost 2 mana cost and so on. Some point this ruleset is very nice but sometimes it is not. Especially if the other ruleset is not supportive or the element that active is the one that you dont have the cards to play.Usually with Even Stevens ruleset the best combination on my deck is using earth monster or water monster. The combination of Obsidian as summoners in earth monster that have even mana cost is still related each other. many even monster in even mana cost is magic attack type.Especially Goblin Psychic and Magi of Chaos is have even mana cost. 2 important monster in earth element. And dont forget Queen Mycelia too. this monster is very helpfull in even mana cost monster. But, in this battle is not usual I just can only using the Death element in this battle. Others element that active is the element that i am not upgrading nor i am have the NFT cards.Suck but that the rule. I need to adapt to the ruleset aye?
So what cards i used in the Even Stevens ruleset battle this time?
Lets check on my Strategy Phase.



First of all Even Stevens ruleset is not too hard to arrange monsters in battle field. why ?? because many monster with even mana cost are very strong such as Deeplurker, Djinn Oshannus, Diemonshark,Wave Brood,Baakjira in Water element. in earth element there is have Goblind Psychic, Mycelic Infantry, Queen Mycelia.Grund,etc. And the others element have the best monster too in even mana cost. But in my owned deck it is better if i am using Earth and Water element. I am just upgraded to level 5 rare summoners on Earth and Water element. so it is better than the other element in terms of level and ability. In this battle nor Earth or Water element can be used so i am just using my Death Element that the summoners is Thaddius Brood with level 4 right now. I am planning to upgrade my Death Element too but right now still on going to upgrade all my water element monster. With just level 4 summoner on Death element, wishing the opponent using level below or just luck that i can win the battle to upper level monster.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (2040).png

Okay, in this battle the ruleset is 3 ruleset that is Even Stevens ruleset that i am tell you above. the second is Target Practice that means all ranged and magic attack monster have the snipe ability, the third is Armored Up that means all monster have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat. The manacap that can be used is 41 which is very average and almost easy to arrange. The element that active is just Life,Death, and Dragon. Basically i just can using Death element, the other element i dont have upgraded summoners so if i am using the other element beside Death i will have big chance to lose anyway.
So with this ruleset how i am supposed arrange my monster??
Let's see in the table below how i arrange my team to battlephase.

SummonerScreenshot (2042).pngI am using this summoner because this is the summoner i have that level 4 the other i have just level 1. So i must bet on this element to this battle
TankerThis monster have very good ability as a tanker so melee damage will get back attack after attacking Cursed Windeku and not only have good ability, this monster have pretty good status as a tanker with high HP and some average speed as well
Second TankerI am using this monster not only as a second tanker but can be as a attacker too with reach ability,can make this monster attack even this monster placed in second position,The melee damage of this monster also big and have 3 armor as defence for melee and range attack
Third Tanker I am using this monster because Target Practice ruleset will make the magic and ranged monster will attacking non melee monster first. and with Flying ability and scavenger ability this monster is very good enough to be as a tanker to snipe ability,furthermore the backfire ability that can make the opponent get damage if they are missing attacking this monster
Attacker & SupportI am using this monster to support my Riftwing to be able attacking opponent monster even that just giving 1 magic damage but it will help as long as Riftwing not die in the battle. and this monster have pretty good stats as an attacker too
Attacker I am using this monster because this monster can be fatal to the enemy with Poison ability so it will adding 2 damage in the beginning of the round. and with Life leech ability this monster can hold as much as this monster can attacking directly and get additional HP after the attack
Attacker I am using this monster because this monster have pretty good basic magic attack and have Camouflage ability that can make this monster keeps attacking and cannot be targeted until reaching in frontline.

So this is my arrangement in this battle.Hopefully the opponent have at least same level as mine or below mine so i have higher chance to win this battle.



Screenshot (2039).png

Evidently, i meet up with BOT this time. and this bot usually very strong. and i am almost 60-70% lost to this BOT. Macnapat series. but,suprisingly this battle using level 2 Legendary summoner that means almost the same level as mine,just common max level is different just one level.

So lets go to round 1. can i winning this battle or not.

Round 1 Part 1

As usual in first round both parties get buff and debuff from both summoner and monsters.

  • Debuff 1 speed & ranged by Quix
  • Riftwing got 1 magic damage by Skuk Weapons Training ability


  • -1 Magic & HP from Thaddius Brood

because got speed debuffed from Quix so can be confirmed that opponent will attacking first than my monster.

in round 1 part 1

  • Venari Bonesmith got badly wounded by Dhampir Infiltrator
  • Magi Necrosi get attack by Scattershoot from Chaos Dragon

Round 1 Part 2 (1).gif

on Part 2 the battle still goes on

  • Skuk Duskblight can beat Pelacor Conjurer
  • Venari Bonesmith can give poison effect to Chaos Dragon

In round 1 it looks like i am lose for this battle so many monster in my parties wounded up very badly. fortunately my 2 tanker still can carry on and still have full HP and my venari Bonesmith can give Chaos Dragon posion effect

Round 2 (2).gif

Overall my parties still hold on as hard as my team can

  • Venari Bonesmith got defeated by Dhampir Infiltrator
  • my team can badly wounded Chaos Dragon and Djinn Chwala

in this round my team just can badly wounded the enemy but cannot kill many of them. and my team seriously get badly wounded but still can holding on just Venari Bonesmith got defeated in this round. Pretty impressive but not too good for this battle.

Round 3 (3).gif

Round 3 my team starting table turned this battle.

  • Chaos Dragon fainted due the poison effect
  • Cursed Windeku defeated by Djinn Chwala
  • Arachne Thug can take revenge for Cursed Windeku by beating Djinn Chwala
  • Skuk Duskblight beat Venari Crystalsmith

With so many monster defeated my Riftwing got extra lifes from scavenger ability and make the great tanker. the only troublesome is Dhampir Infiltrator that can slowly killing my backline.

Round 4 (4).gif

Round 4 is the last round in this battle for the line up we can see my team still very sturdy in this round. so i can assure that i can win this battle

  • Arachne Thug got defeated by Dhampir Infiltrator
  • Magi necrosi beat Time Mage
  • Skuk Duskblight beat Dhampir Infiltrator

thanks to riftwing as a tanker for Snipe ability. with scavenger ability can make Riftwing very strong and hard to beat. and by Weapons Training from Skuk Duskblight make Riftwing not wasted position and still can attacking the opponent.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Death element Even Stevens Ruleset



After i am experiencing this battle i know that sometimes bot like Macnapat army still can be defeated sometimes. Even it is very hard to beat up the BOT in these day. And for the arrangement i am pretty sure that Death element can be good too in Even Stevens ruleset. Usually death element is using Dhampir Stalker and Lira The darkness or Silent Shavi as abest assasins in Death element. but, from this battle i can make sure even manacost in Death element is deadly also. Riftwing is very usefull too to be a tanker for the battle especially for Target Practice.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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