Missing the Slow with Terracious Grunt


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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing?
Now i am write about one of the Slowest monster but having big chance to dodge attack in earth element.

In this content i want to share about how Terracious Grunt can dodge in right moment in this battle. I am sharing my battle from brawl this time and find out this battle is so interesting so i want to share to you guys. Maybe this battle make the enemy furious to me. This time i feel like RNG GOD with me.


As usual before we discussing in battlephase that good to know about the card that hard to hiteven having slow speed in earth element.Without Reverse Speed ruleset obviously.I introducing the new Soulbound Card from earth element

Screenshot (1630).png

This isTerraceous Grunt with super low speed in low level but have Dodge Abilities so it will adding chance to dodge the enemy attack. For just common card this monster can replacing some tank monster especially if we cannot using Epic monster like Grund and want to variated tank beside Mycelic Infantry. The weakness of this tank is high mana cap with 6 manacap and super low speed. but overall this monster is very very good for replacing any tank in Earth element.

In this battle i am battling in brawl with Gold Foil Bronze League Fray and fortunately i am have Terraceous Grunt gold foil in this Woofie account. so i am using this instead Mycelic Infantry ( The Gold foil card rent is super expensive so i have to cut rent and force to using soulbound card).


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1634).png

In this battle the manacap is 46 which is very good for the battle so both player can manage and arrange monster freely many of card that can be used in battle. And the only element that we cannot use is just life element. The ruleset is Ferocity means all monster have fury abilities, then Weak Magic means Magic attacks hit armor before reducing health, then Aimless means all monster have scattershot abilities. So lets see what monster i bring in table below :

Screenshot (1643).png
Summoner+1 HP and Close RangeI am using this summoner because with weak magic Ruleset it will be waste if using Obsidian in this battle so i change to Fernheart and using range monster and melee monster instead the magic monster.
Screenshot (1638).png
Terracious Grunt
TankerDodgeI am using this monster because want to utilize the Dodge abilities that maybe can survive long enough to be a tanker with Dodge abilities and this monster have the lowest manacap with the most HP in earth elemental
Screenshot (1639).png
Uloth Dhampir
AttackerStunI am using this monster because this monster have high HP and range attack and because i am bringing Fernheart as summoners this monster can be a tanker too if Terracious Grunt die in no time and stun abilities can adding chance me to win the battle
Screenshot (1640).png
Katrelba Gobson
Back AttackerDouble Strike,Sneak,BloodlustI am using this monster because this monster have double strike abilities that can make damage twice and with bloodlust abilities it will make this monster super strong once activated the bloodlust abilities. And usually opponent rarely stand guard to sneak attack and focusing in front line.
Screenshot (1641).png
Goblin Psychic
SupportTank healI am using this monster because with the Tank Heal abilities it will support Tanker to survive longer so the other attacker monster can killing opponent first.
Screenshot (1642).png
Venari Seedsmith
AttackerScavangerI am using this monster because this monster have Scavanger abilities so when the battle longer than expected this monster got many HP from the dead monster and be a good tanker and with Fernheart abilities this monster can be good as attacker and as a tanker.

So this is the line up of my arrangement in this ruleset. Hoping the battle go well as expected. Lets go to the battlefield aye.


Battle Phase

Screenshot (1633).png

In this battle i meet up with Kelya Frendul that means all my Range and Melee damage depends on the speed of the monster and have big chance to miss because water element with Kelya is so fast and have big chance to miss the attack.

##Round 1


So in round 1 as usual all monster get buff and debuff from both summoners and all monster. After that the battle starting with Supply Runner and Gargoya Devil attacking Goblin Thief and after that Flying Squid miss when attacking Terracious Grunt. But, Deeplurker killing Goblin Thief that make Scavanger abilities of Venari Seedsmith active and adding 1 HP. Venari Crystalsmith attacking Goblin Psychic and give only 1 damage. My turn to attack Katrelba Gobson cannot break the Shield and just give damage 2 shield. Following by Uloth Dhampir attack Disinterigator and just reduce the armor. As expected Venari Seedsmith attacking Flying Squid but missed because the different speed.After that Terracious Grunt Attacking each other with Disinterigator and after that the last movement from Goblin Psychic healing Terracious Grunt and break the armor of Supply Runner.

Round 2

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif

Round 2 starting with Supply Runner attacking Uloth Dhampir following by Gargoya Devil Attacking Venari Seedsmith. After that Flying Squid hit Terracious Grunt and Deeplurker once again killing my Venari Seedsmith. Looking in this round i thinking that this game is over and i am lose to the opponent line up. But, lets continue how the battle. This time Venari Crystalsmith attacking Terracious Grunt and after that Katrelba Gobson attacking Venari Crystalsmith twice. Then, Uloth Dhampir missed attacking Gargoya Devil. Then, Terracious Grunt attacking Disinterigator but just only damaging the shield with 1 attack,after that Disinterigator miss the attack to Terracious Grunt.The last movement in this round by Goblin Psychic healing Terracious Grunt and still hitting Supply Runner.

Round 3


Round 3 starting with Supply Runner and Gargoya Devil attacking Uloth Dhampir and after that Flying Squid miss attacking Terracious Grunt Then Deeplurker attacking Uloth Dhampir and leave just 1 HP left.Venari Crystalsmith attacking Terracious Grunt with magic damage and then Katrelba Gobson attacking twice to Venari Crystalsmith and still cannot kill the opponent because debuff melee damage from Disinterigator.This time Uloth Dhampir attacking Deeplurker and make it stun.Finally The armor of Disinterigator gone off by attack from Terracious Grunt and Disinterigator attacking back. And this round closing by Goblin Psychic healing Terracious Grunt and attacking Venari Crystalsmith and kill it.

Round 4

Round 4 starting with Supply Runner, Garygoya Devil and Flying Squid attacking Terracious Grunt sequantially. Thankfully Deeplurker get stunned so Terracious Grunt can breath this round. Then, Katrelba Gobson attacking Deeplurker twice and gives only 2 damage.After that Uloth Dhampir attacking and cracking Gargoya Devil Shield.Following by Terracious Grunt and Disinterigator attacking each other. This round finished by Goblin Psychic Healing and attacking Supply Runner.

Round 5


Round 5 starting with Supply Runner attacking Goblin Psychic and following by Gargoya Devil attacking Katrelba Gobson and then Flying Squid attacking Terracious Grunt and leaving 1 HP. Fortunately Deeplurker miss attacking Terracious Grunt this time. Katrelba Gobson attacking Deeplurker twice but one of the attack miss so it just give 1 damage only.Then, Uloth Dhampir can kill Gargoya Devil in this round. Following Disinterigator miss attacking Terracious Grunt. GOD of RNG with me this time.
And this round closed by Goblin Psychic healing Terracious Grunt and still attacking supply runner.

Round 6


Round 6 is the round that the table turned. This round started by Supply Runner attacking Goblin Psychic following Flying Squid attacking Terracious Grunt and leaving just 1 HP again. This time once again Deeplurker miss the attack and make Terracious Grunt surive again in this round. Then, Katrelba Gobson attacking Deeplurker twice and cannot killed it. Uloth Dhampir attacking Disinterigator and then got killed by Terracious Grunt. This round ended by Goblin Psychic once again healing the tank and hit Flying Squid.

Round 7 & 8 (Final Round)


Because in round 6 Disinterigator can get killed Katrelba Gobson can be horrific in this round and thakfully Dodge abilities full functional this battle so Terracious Grunt still survive until battle over. This round starting with Supply Runner attacking Katrelba Gobson and following by Miss attack from Flying Squid and because Goblin Psychic heal,deeplurker attacking Uloth Dhampir as the lowest HP in the lineup.And after that Katrela Gobson can killed Deeplurker and Supply Runner at once and activated double bloodlust effect.At the end Terracious Grunt still alive and got healed again by Goblin Psychic and hit the last monster Flying Squid. And the next round finished by Katrelba Gobson.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there:

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Terraceous Grunt



So in my opinion Terracious Grunt is awesome for me. this monster can be a replacement if the other tank cannot be used for example if the ruleset is Rise of the commons or the manacap is limited so cannot using Mycelic Infantry or Grund in earth element so Terracious Grunt is one of the good tanker in the battlefield. When the level got 6 this monster have additional Abilities that is Return Fire but in my opinion the Return Fire abilities not to usefull because this monster have dodge abilities that make this monster usefull.Because this card is Soulbound card i think all the Splinter Player sure get this card obviously. So use it wisely and go level up this card to max level card and enjoy this card.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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