Quora Duels in Poison Battle versus LLama


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Now i am write about one of my brawl battle that very interesting to discuss for me

In this content i want to share about how arranging Quora in brawl battle is super fatal especially with have crutial ruleset like Noxious Fumes. This battle so special for me because i can win over Llama Summoner in Poison Battle meanwhile Llama Summoner have Cleanse abilities and Last stand abilities that make this summoner seems Overpowered. But Martyr abilities can enchance our targeted monster in Poison battle, monster with Martyr abilities will die first caused by poison after martyr effect activated the targeted monster will be overpowered too. In this case i am targeting Quora as the target to get Martyr abilities.


As usual before we discussing in battlephase that good to know about the card that very useful in battle especially in brawl battle that usually will clash each other this monster is very very overpowered in Novice or Bronze fray in brawl that name is Quora Towershed

Screenshot (1682).png

from the picture above you can see the status of this monster in level 2 she have 12 Health and total 4 damage with 2 magic damage and 2 melee damage and 3 speed. This monster very very overpowered compared to other epic in Chaos Legion edition or before. maybe this monster equal to Legendary monster in Chaos Legion Edition or maybe this monster better than Legendary monster i think. And what makes special is Bloodlust abilities that can adding status after killing the opponent and This monster have heal abilities. So for the resillience battle this monster have advantage. thats why in brawl battle having Quora is very important.

And this time i am encountered with Llama Legendary Summoner in earth element.

Screenshot (1683).png

from this picture above you can see the Untamed legendary Summoner named Scarred Llama Mage is super duper Overpowered with adding 2 additional health and have Cleanse abilities and give Last stand abilities to all monster. This is very incredible skill in Novice and Bronze fray. This summoner is using especially when meet ruleset Noxious Fumes with Cleanse abilities the monster in frontline will get cleanse and cannot be poisoned.
Okay lets goo to my strategy phase to break down what i am bring to facing LLama Summoner in Noxious Fumes ruleset that make Llama have advantage.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1686).png

Okay in this battle the ruleset is Noxious Fumes means that All monster start the battle poisonus and Super Sneak that means All melee attack monsters have sneak ability. The manacap is 36 which is average and the element that can be used is Fire,Earth,and Death element. Okay with the 3 choices element i dont have any choice by the way because i did not renting cards anymore in my main account so basically i am owned some of Chaos Legion edition cards. And what i have most is in Earth element and Death element,my fire element is just have basic card even the summoner like Tarsha i dont have it. So, with Poisonus battle i reconsider to using Earth Element than Using Death element because in Bronze League the Immunity abilities that Harklaw have is not yet active so instead using Death element combination with Harklaw i am using Earth element combined with Quora Toweshed. And adding 2 more martyr monster to adding bonus damage to Quora Towershed. Here my arrangement you can look in table below :

Obsidian.jpgSummoner+1 Magic DamageI am using this summoner because the choice is remaining to Death Element or Earth Element and with Poison battle like this i am prefer using Quora instead using Harklaw with immunity abilities because when opponent using magic monster i will have big chance lose the fight and Quora with bloodlust and heal abilities will manage to survive longer in poisonus battle. That why i am using Obsidian as summoner instead Thaddius Brood
Unicorn Mustang.pngTankerVoidI am using this monster because to pretend enemy attack with magic monster with Void abilities it will be holding 2 or 3 turns before this monster die either get from magic damage or from poison damage but it make the Martyr abilities active first before Quora move to the front line. and with high speed this monster can take one damage before dies.
Fungus Flinger.jpgSupportMartyrI am using this monster to support my Quora with sacrifices the martyr monster and adding status to Quora so Quora will overpowered in the battlefield and can killing more monster in Battlefield
Quora Towershead_gold.pngAttackerHeal & BloodlustI am using this monster as main attacker because this monster have very overpowered status and with heal and bloodlust abilities it will make this monster strong and stronger every killing opponent monster and with heal abilities it will make this monster survive longer even in poisonus battle
Venari Marksrat.jpgSupportMartyrI am using this monster because same reason using Fungus Flinger with martyr abilities it will support Quora and adding 1 more status when this monster dies
Venari Seedsmith.jpgAttackerScavangerI am using monster to utilize Scavanger abilities so when many monster dies this monster HP going up and can hold and surive longer than the other and maybe can win the battle with scavanger abilities.
Hill Giant.jpgTanker BacklineNoneI am using this monster because this monster using low manacap but have good HP as a tanker with 8 HP it can hold some damage if the opponent using all sneak attack.

So this is the line up of my arrangement in this ruleset. Hoping the battle go well as expected. Lets go to the battlefield aye.



Screenshot (1687).png

Okay like i announce earlier i meet up Scarred Llama Mage in this brawl for your info i win the battle i think i win caused the enemy misplacing the Quora i think and with Martyr abilities i can adding status and the enemy mistake is adding filler monster in backline to holding attack but with that i can steal killing opponent filler and activated bloodlust. So lets go break down every round.

Round 1

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

Same as usual round 1 both monster get buffed and debuffed from both summoners and monsters. in this case my Quora got 1 magic attack buffed and the opponent all monster get buffed 2 HP and got Last stand abilities and cleanse the frontliner monster.
after got buff and debuff the highlight is My Quora can killed opponent Furious Chicken and activated bloodlust first. Then Fungus Fiend got killed by Poisonus and my Unicorn Mustang life with remaining 2 HP after get poisonus effect and the rest is still alive but got damaged by Poison. And opponent Quora got cleansed and not poisoned.

Round 2

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

Moves up to round 2 opponent Quora succeded to killing my Unicorn Mustang and activating Bloodlust too so the different is jus 2 HP from Llama Summoner in round 2 my Martyr monster did not die yet so the Martyr effect did not activate, after that Kron killing Fungus Flinger and activated Martyr so Quora got additional status.After many monster die the scavanger from Venari Seedsmith active and adding to 5 HP in last round 5 after got Poisonus.After Round 2 the game still unpredictable who will win because both Quora still alive and the status is likely same.

Round 3

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

In Round 3 Venari Marksrat killed by poison effect and activate Martyr effect and give Quora and Venari Seedsmith Additional Status and no monster died after that so both of our Quora still alive and attack each other.

Round 4

in round 4 the battle starting to see the results with Poison Mushroom Seer die and Silence effect has been gone and the attack of my Quora become 6 magic damage and in this moment the opponent Quora is leaves 5 HP and my speed is higher than the opponent so my Quora attacking first and succed to kill opponent Quora. So the opponent Remaining Kron the hardest to kill with Last stand effect and heal abilities it will be hard to get kill. But my Quora is have high damage total damage is 13 damage adding Venari Seedsmith 3 damage total 16 damage so the next round should kill opponent Kron.

Round 5 (Last Round)

Okay this is the last round so after calculating total Kron HP and Quora total damage i am definetly win this battle.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there:

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Quora battles in Poisonus Ruleset


After looking the battle what do you think?? Scarred Llama Mage Summoner is still Overpowered from my opinion and very usefull in Noxious Fumes ruleset with cleanse ability it will healed every poison in frontliner and make sure the frontliner okay and with last stand ability it will enchance the front liner especially frontliner with Tank heal ability this combination is very horrible looping that hardly to beaten. But after experiencing my battle i think Quora Towershed combined with Martyr is best option to handle Kron or Quora combined with Llama Cleanse and last stand abilities.But, in this battle i think the opponent is misplaced the Quora. IF the Quora placed in the backlined i may lost in this battle for your information i am cleaning sweep this brawl battle but this battle is super interesting and satisfying to look at.

Luckyly many battle the opponent just misplaced and slighty wrong calculating so i can win all the battle if the opponent just swap some of the card places maybe i can lose 1-3 battles.

Okay back to the Quora. In my Opinion Quora is fearsome and overpowered in Novice until Silver League Fray. The abilities make this monster can be a lone survivor or super attacker with high damage and bloodlust ability. The heal abilities make this monster can handle many situation and with 11 HP in early the heal is still good with 3-4 HP every turn this ability make Quora is hard to be beaten by any monster.

In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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