Finance report - crypto-blogging and tokenomics


This was my very short insight into crypto blogging.
There are of course other websites where you can post your content, but for me, for now, this is more than enough already.

My problem is that I do not have enough hours during the day to keep any normal activity on multiple crypto blogging pages, so I just do a few.

Those are the ones where I get feedback, some rewards, and where I feel the most comfortable contributing.

Also, there is always a question of exchanges and the market. For example, Diamond (DeSo) is interesting but exchanges are mainly centralized which I do not find extra safe. I tried it, and I guess the audience is OK. Publish0x is run centralized and it constantly changes the reward coins, and I do not wish to play with the Ethereum anymore.

I also like it if a platform has a schedule option for my posts so I can deploy them in late hours or on days when I am not online. For example, Hive (some front ends such as Ecency and Peakd) has it, Blurt doesn't, Twitter has it but Diamond doesn't... So, available programing and tools are something that I also appreciate very much as a contributor.

Crypto blogging is fun, but I have only that much time on my hands, plus other obligations arrived with the summer.

So, I will for now post on Hive and repurpose my own blog. I also plan to invest more time exploring and posting about cryptocurrency, LEO and CTP. From social media websites, I will keep Twitter and NoiseCash. Others will be dormant during the summer.

Earnings from crypto blogging

I posted on four websites, mainly on Blurt and Hive. I occasionally visited some other websites, but I didn't waste much time anywhere.

I posted seven times on Blurt and Hive, and only 3 times on NoiseCash, results were similar, with a little bigger earnings than the previous week.


Values are expressed in current USD market value.


I will stake as much I can on Splinterlands SPT and get more DEC, and play when I have time.

Contact info

Session (Oxen): 05c9f58a59882e1c459ec59fc6bedf7203c448e23cecd2c7cfe25e6732fb5c5371
Discord: aschatria#1254


Short and informative thank you. For sharing your experience and belief in the block chain at a time when everyone is focused on what's dead or not

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I don't have the time to post on other social media sites. I just stick to Hive.