bronze II , take a look! these are my cards


I joined splinterlands in late november 2021, as I recall, I was looking for a new game to play on youtube and somehow stumble on this beautiful game with supporting community to help every newcomers feel helped a lot (thanks guys).

The fisrt thing I want to clarify to the community was how to earn in this game 😅, obviously it is not a free to play game instead it is a play to earn games that has prerequisite before earning, which is investing in the game.

I did invest to get in bronze 2 with so far small invesment around 60$, I was targetting the dec rewards after battle so here I am now. before investing far into the game, I plan to stay in this league to take time to learn some basics.

I manage to buy and getting cards from giveaway on discord and twitch tv, please take a look to my owned cards.

Screenshot (50).png

Screenshot (51).png

with this monsters, I ends the season in bronze 2 earning 7 dec without renting for cards. I did not rent because I want to learn how to fight with monsters I have, once I know all the abilty and so on I will start to rent other cards and hopefully will get a lot of dec this season. I have reaceive bad season rewards 😤