Splinterlands Weekly Social Media Challenge! | Having Swift team is good



Hello there, what's up. We got another new Weekly Social Media Challenge this week. This post was actually a battle challenge last week but I got overwhelmed with work and eventually I could not post it in time, so I decide to post this as a social media Challenge instead. I have Supply runner at level 6 that has swift to make our team more agile! so let's make a Battle challenge of it!


Screenshot (920).png

Screenshot (921).png

If you want to watch the battle directly, you can tap the links below.

BATTLE LINKS : Battle Link


My Line Up Explanation


Screenshot (922).png

  • Leagues = Gold 3
  • Trampede = The Trample could trigger multiple times if the trampled monsters is killed. I dont really focus about this ruleset as usually only the front tank has it.
  • Close range = Ranged Monsters may be used in the first position of the battlefield. I would say this rulesets doesn't make the ranged monsters dangerous, this ruleset is only a complement. We can't rely on all ranged monsters if we encounter this ruleset.
  • summoner = Only life and earth that can be used


Screenshot (929).png

As the supply runner is a ranged monsters, I chose General Sloan as the summoner in this battle to give buff to it. In general, life monsters is also lack of speed compare to other splinter if we talk about the same level monsters. so the combinations of supply runner and sloan will make it complete each other. Sloan is currently the cheapest summoner in the game so don't miss to buy it! 🤣


Screenshot (925).png

I used Chaos knoght as my tank in this battle because I thought that the opponent will also choose a life splinter in the battle, but turns out he chose the earth splinter which is very bad for my Chaos legion. My tank could be easily killed by magic monsters due to low health but will be hard to killed if the ooponent monsters are either melee or ranged.


Screenshot (926).png

The sond monsters that I summon was Stitch Leech. Although this monsters doesn't have high health but this card got a life leech ability and sneak ability. The life leech ability could make this card a tank a long the battle. The sneak ability of this card could also help in getting the vulnurable monsters that the opponent has in the back row. With the combination of its ability and attack, this card iis a good chice to use.


Screenshot (927).png

The third monsters is actually one of my favourite cards in the life splinter. In general the life monsters has low speed, and this card ability could cover that weakness by reducing the oponent speed. Not only speed debuff this card also has shield reducer ability whic is very helpfull for our ranged attacks monsters. Without attacking more shield means our ranged monsters will killed opponent's monsters as quickly as possible


Screenshot (931).png

The Highlighted monster in this battle was Supply Runner, in line with the name this card comes with high speed and not only that this cards also makes the rest of the team more agile because it gives speed buff. The good thing of this card is, it is a neutral card that can be used in any splinter and will fit in any situations. The speed buff is so important, I would say it is only useless in reverse speed ruleset.


Screenshot (928).png

The fifth monsters that I used is my main damager, nobady dunno this card, everyone love to use Pelacor arbalest, it is very usefull to give poking damage. the double strike ability of this card is very good. Although this card has low health but the flying ability of this card at this level could give evade chance from meleem and ranged attack to let it alive.


Screenshot (930).png

Another Overpowered card in the life splinter that currently cheap at the market is Prismologist. This card is a strong card, the blast ability that this card deal will impactful on the opponent team. This card also has high basic attack that makes it dangerous in direct and blast impact. I suggest you to put this card on the last position because it has shield that will help reduce more damage to it.


Did My Strategy Worked? What will I do Differently?

1. First Round

Screenshot (923).png

In The first Round my monsters attacking first due to speed buff to my team and speed debuff to the opponent's team. This Increasing and decreasing stat makes my monsters faster and able to attack first. The attack of supply runner, Pelacor Arbalest and Chaos knight could kill opponent's Mustang. After Mustang get killed , Grund step ahead and getting damage from Prismologist who also deal blast impact that killed mushroom seer right away. In this Round my Time mage is killed by hunter Jarx luckky hit with only 1 speed could hit my time mage that has 5 speed, but it's the RNG so nothing wrong with it.

2. Secondo Round

Screenshot (924).png

In the second round the opponent's monsters get killed one by one, the Grund is killed by Pelacor arbalest swift and deadly attack. Prismologist also killed Goblin Physics in this round and giving 3 impact damage on sandworm. The sandworm and hunter Jarx is then killed also in this Round before dealing any damage at all. This Swift Strategies really works well, I would say having speed advantage than the opponent will raise our winning probabilities.


About This Monsters

Screenshot (931).png

What I like about this monster :

  • Nuetral Element This monster's Neutral Element is so good that it can be used in any splinter means you may always use this card to battle!
  • high speed This cards will has a high speed that will Dealing and Avoiding damage succesfully

What i don't like about this monster:

  • Mana cost, This Card in low mana cap will struggle to fit in the team, while in high mana cap will easily find a spot


When to use This monsters

I suggest you to use this monster only for this situation:

  • When you need Speed This card is very suitable in life and fire splinter that normally the mmonsters are slow and could easily miss on dealing attack
  • Xplosive weaponry Since our team will likely to attacking first, so in this case we will give blast impact in advance on the enemy.


When to Avoid using This Monsters :

I don't recommend you to use this monster for this situation below:

  • low mana cap, This card could not works well with few cards and will only cost mana in low mana cap
  • Reverse Speed, Not only this card has quite quick speed but this card also give a speed buff to the teammate that will give a disadvantage on the team instead. So Avoid Using it in this ruleset.


Final Words
Thank you for reading my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this monster. Let me know if you got another view about this monster on comment section. In addition for the new players to Splinterlands if you sign up with my referral link and complete the spellbook purchase, I will send you 75 DEC in game which should help you get started by renting some cards and building up your teams




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  • Mr. Flauwy for the dividers


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