what is the relationship between Doctor blight and Thaddius brood?

Dr. Blight.gif

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Hello everyone!! hope you are doing well. To join this weeks' Splinterlands social media challenge I will post how Dr. Blight and Thaddius come in the chaos legion. this information come from ingame lores so its not made by me instead its written in lores of each card.

well take a look at dr. blight cards

Screenshot (142).png

The lore says that "To say the faculty at Pelcroft were uncooperative when first presented with Alastair's “evidence” would be an understatement. Shunned for his obsession with obscure folklore and laughed at for his insistence on a forgotten “hidden” continent, staff and friends alike mumbled pejoratives just out of earshot suggesting an unbalanced mind, drawing comparisons to the infirmed at Silverwood Asylum."

and this is thaddius card appeareance

Screenshot (143).png

the lore says that "His family sent him to an asylum, but it only worsened his condition. And the entity within him festered and grew more powerful. Soon there was no boundary between Thaddius and it. Using his newfound dark magic, Thaddius broke from his prison and now wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. Through his rituals he got into contact with Doctor Blight. And the Doctor was fascinated with his power."

So I think they met in the silverwood asylum after Thaddius parents send him to the place where later Thaddius himself joining the chaos legion.

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