web3. gaming progress update: January 22 2023


This is my daily web3 gaming progress update.

By the way, if you know any good or decent even web3 games just let me know I am looking for new ones all the time.

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I do continue my rent-not-play strategy. I have got 470 Dec from yesterday which is great. I also have stopped trying to buy enough cards to upgrade my unrelatable commons to level 5 when they become rentable, instead, I am transferring dec to the main account and I will be buying Chaos packs. I hope that that way I will be able to get some epic, gold or legendary cards.

So I have decided to take back some of my cards so I can play again.


As I have mentioned previously my quest reroll was pretty cheap. I have closed in in under 200 CROP and I still hold over 7k1. I need to start transferring some small amount to start getting my HIVE back. I know that I already earn 0.2 HIVE from my position on the leader board but maybe I can take some CROP out and convert it to HIVE and maybe I can buy some new cards. This is still not decided, especially since I am focusing on getting my 200k SIM first.


I have a feeling I should buy a research centre or two but I am still focusing on the 200k target as much as I can. I mean I have a good income from HIVE and I could hit it quicker but I am also getting my HIVE Power and putting HIVE to saving daily to boost my account and provide future income.

For now, I hold my ranking position, that is I am 163 in income and 224 in Education. The latter one is more stable as differences between positions ios larger there.

Rising Star

I finally got ALL of my slot unlocked. And after that, I discovered that I need level 80 and above to play in the County Tour sector. This is a big problem as I already know how to get more level so I just need to grind it. The advantage of this is that I will earn some StarBits in the process in opposition to getting my band together where I did not do a lot. At the time of writing I have earned 6k so far so Maybe I will be able to hit 10 until Monday.


This is still a sad clone of the Rising Star. I kind of play it in the hope I will be able to get some Stardom out of it. I need to say the project's discord was full of people telling that this game is a joke and an obvious copy of RS. On the other hand, devs are saying that they have an idea of how to make the project different to the original so maybe they have a future.

For now, I can play only 2 first missions so it is a slow and annoying process but time will tell.

Games I am looking at:

This is my list of potential new games to take part in, some are still in development some do not work for me:

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