Taking a look at my status in many Play 2 Earn DAPPs


Hey there, OneUp Community! I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I am enjoying WEB 3.0 and the blockchain, I also like to play games and when I found Play2Earn DAPPs in March I dove right in. So here are some screenshots of I took of where I am currently.


SPLINTERLANDS: The first Play2Earn game I started and it was fun to try and the fact that I was earning rewards that had value was an exciting aspect, although recently they've made some changes in anticipation of the new Chaos Legion expansion and they Play2Earn aspect seems limited if you're just starting out.

I have recently been having trouble getting out of bronze 3 which is slightly embarrassing to admit.

57 cards has me in a decent spot though and the renting opportunities begin to show towards the end of season.

DCITY: I like city simulators and got into this one after a small amount of research and bought a few cards on the Dcity website than bought specific cards at the marketplace. I figured that even if I don't make a lot of SIM tokens at the beginning due to the tax rate at that time it would still be fun to be apart of a community that has a active voice in who becomes mayor and how the taxes affect everybody else. I also recently got an Egypt background for my city for participating in Hive Fest!


DCROPS: I got into DCROPS because I saw the cards running low and felt massive Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) so I purchased a few packs. Being on a leaderboard is great and there is a small feeling of accomplishment, I think Fall is my best season.



RISING STAR: This game reminds me of Rock Band for game consoles and the whole concept is great and they recently announced a Vinyl NFT at Hive Fest. I decided to enter because there are so many opportunities with the cards and the community is supportive and fun to interact with. The music player is upbeat and amazing to hear even when you move to another tab.

I have 4 Singers and 2 Instruments and sometimes I have to control the EGO with lessons to prevent fan lossage.

I think the description for the singer could also be said for Rising Star


For Play2Earn on other Blockchains I made a Neon District account and bought into Lost Relics using CRO

NEON DISTRICT: The main currency ingame is NEON you can buy it or there is an option to send your characters out for deliveries to earn NEON which you can then use to buy a loot chest, the low level deliveries offer low reward and zero risk but if you decide to send your crew out on higher level deliveries you can earn more rewards at the risk of another player jumping your delivery squad and taking all the hard earned assets. The actual combat is a Turn Based Combat style and you can better equip your characters with items given by the loot chests you purchase with NEON.

Each delivery shift can go 6 to 9 hours just to earn 70 neon

LOST RELICS: This is an ARPG styled game that has you running dungeons for loot with the penalty of death being you lose all held items during your dungeon run. Almost any item found can be sold on the ingame marketplace for gold and if you get a rare item drop it is a 'Block Chain item' which you can then sell for crypto. I was doing well until I lost my focus on a particularly long dungeon and died losing all my starter gear and EXP so my level 3 reverted back to a level 2. There is no character creation but you can equip 'Skins' that change the avatar completely.


The items in your storage chest are safe

All in all I need to start spending more time on these two games to fully utilize their earning aspect. Hive Play2Earn DAPPs are safer to play for sure and offer more earnings but I like to see what else is out there. I am hoping that the PsyberX DAPP gets developed and I cannot wait for eXode to fully launch.

That is it! this was good for me to realize what I need to work on in each Play2Earn DAPP. Thank you for reading my post and please leave a comment if you have any questions.


So glad to see you covering relatively unheard of games. Would you have started Lost Relics knowing what you do about it now?


Yes. I got too cocky from my years of playing Diablo 2 and Path of Exile and bit off more than I could chew. Patience is key!