Opening 10 Gladius Cases - TWO LEGENDARY Gladiators and also two Epic!

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Ahoy everyone! It has once again been a little while since I showed some Gladius Case openings. Because of that I've saved up quite some Merits already now, and I figured that this time it would be better to open 10 Gladius Cases at once, instead of the usual 5.

Perhaps next time I will open up 5 again, but we shall see about that. Because in the post from last night that I read, I saw that Merits will be coming to Reward Chests soon. The chance for Reward Cards will go down by 10% and that 10% will then have the possibility to contain Merits. This is done to encourage players to join a guild and participate in Brawls, because SPS rewards will be coming to Guild Brawls in the future. Once this update is live, I'll see how many Merits I start getting from Daily Focus Reward Chests and the End of Season Reward Chests. Then I can maybe open 5 Gladius Cases more often, or perhaps do 10 all the time but less frequent. More on that once those changes are out. With those extra Merits resulting in being able to open more Gladius Cases, it will also slightly increase the chance a bit for getting Gold Foil Gladiators.

Now let's get back to these Gladius Cases. In my last video I opened 5 Gladius Cases and I got Two Legendary Gladiators, which was craaaazy for sure! Now I'm totally not expecting at all to get any Legendary Gladiators in these Gladius Cases, but oh boy was I totally wrong on that assumption!!

When I start opening those 10 Gladius Cases, the first row already has two Epic Gladiators. This is a really great start to the opening of them already. Quite some Rare Gladiators as well. I didn't reveal the two Epic Gladiators yet, because I wanted to wait until the end to see which ones they were. I started the second row from the back, as that's where I finished revealing the cards in the first row. On the second row of cards when I reach the last card in the row (or first from a left to right point of view), I was sooo shocked and surprised to actually see the Legendary border colour showing up while hovering over the card. Since I'm waiting to flip over the epics, I will also wait to reveal the Legendary until the end. I move my mouse down to start checking the cards in the third row, and OMG that is another Legendary Gladiator card right there!!! This is craaaazy!! Once again two Legendary Gladiators in the Gladius Cases that I was opening! Even though this time I opened 10 instead of 5, it's still crazy! And also two Epic Gladiators. No Gold Foil Gladiators, but regardless of that still some amazing openings.

From those Gladius Cases I got the following rewards:

  • 1x Ajax Lightfoot (Rare)
  • 2x Hugo Strongsword (Common)
  • 3x Alfredo (Rare)
  • 2x Kotriphus Bayne (Rare)
  • 2x Cutter Brieze (Rare)
  • 1x Sarius (Rare)
  • 2x Relenor Cleaver (Rare)
  • 1x Palidon Rakk (Rare)
  • 7x Helmet Kharafax (Common)
  • 1x Chimney Wallstop (Common)
  • 3x Alva the Crusher (Common)
  • 4x Whistling Damon (Common)
  • 1x Liza Fox (Rare)
  • 6x Witch of Warwick (Common)
  • 2x Katrelba Gobson (Common)
  • 2x Krash Wanderford (Common)
  • 6x Isgald Vorst (Common)

Then for the two Epics I got:

  • Trapp Falloway
  • Gorth

And well for the Legendaries, I don't want to write any spoilers in the description so you'll have to find those out in the video ;)

Once I opened all the Gladiators, I go to check my Card collection and check if these two Legendary Gladiators are both new, or if I already owned one of the two. I filtered my card collection to only the Gladiators, then I hit the combine all button to combine all the Gladiators I have. Since they're account bound it's always best to upgrade them to the highest possible level to have ready for play.

If you're opening some Gladius Cases soon, I wish you as much luck as I've had in these packs. Or even more luck to get an Epic and/or Legendary Gladiator in Gold Foil!!!

If you haven't signed up for Splinterlands yet and want to check it out, you can do so at:

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Looks like a nice haul. Thanks for the tips on tour last post, they helped. I stopped playing splinterlands and rented all my good cards out until I could work out a better stragergy for the level lm at. I think lm close just need to find a few dollars now to buy a few summoners. I don't like the idea of renting


Yup! You're welcome. Ah, yes that's a good idea so you can gain some DEC from them whilst working out your strategy. I also prefer owning the cards, but regularly rent a few that I don't have to be able to use them. Soon wild and modern will be out, so you could focus more on the cards in modern.


Nice pulls!



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