Opening 30 Loot Chests for EoS on May 31: Epic, GF Rare; & Opening 5 Chaos Legion Packs

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Ahoy! This 31st of May the latest season in Splinterlands has ended and with this season ending the new ranked rewards system will start!

With the new rewards system being launched, I show this a little bit at the start of the video. The daily quest has been changed into daily Focus, winning ranked battles with the featured element will earn Focus Points towards unlocking loot chests that can be claimed at the end of the Focus timer. There is now an overview screen as well for the ranked season where it shows your Season Points and the points required to unlock the next loot chest that you'll receive at the end of the season. From this screen I can also claim my last End of Season rewards, which is what I show in the video.

During this season I actually went into Gold 1 already about 5 days or so before the end of the season. It went well with some battles but at other times the battles also went really badly xD To the point that sometimes I felt maybe I shouldn't have advanced yet, but in the end it turned out quite well.

From my last Daily Quest in the season I got:

  • DEC: 3, 10 & 22

  • Pelacor Mercenary

  • Gargoya Lion

  • Pelacor Bandit

  • Twilight Basilisk

  • Gold Foil Pelacor Conjurer

Now that I've talked about those and showed how you can claim your End of Season rewards it is time to go and claim those. From my end of season rewards. I got 30 loot chests for finish the season in Gold 1 and from those I get:

  • DEC: 1, 3, 8, 8, 9, 9 and daaaaammnn also found 3750 DEC in there!

  • 3x Alchemy Potion

  • 3x Legendary Potion

  • 3x Pelacor Bandit

  • 2x Pelacor Mercenary

  • 1x Pelacor Deceiver

  • 1x Venari Heatsmith

  • 1x Venari Seedsmith

  • 1x Lava Launcher; yay an epic!!

  • 1x Gold Foil Twilight Basilisk; oooohhh a gold foil rare. The first time I get this one too!

New Reward Cards:

  • 1x Merdhampir
  • 3x Blood Maker
  • 2x Vampiric Blossom
  • 1x Dhampir Infiltrator

Throughout the season I received a total of 4 Chaos Legion Packs from 4 of my different daily quests. I also received a Chaos Legion Pack from the amazing @clove71 😄 I decided to keep all 5 of these packs until the End of the Season and open them then. There could've been more, but only if I had gotten some from my EoS loot chests, which didn't happen. Time to open them up now.

From those 5 Chaos Legion Packs I got the following cards:

  • Xenith Archer
  • Obsidian
  • Silent Sha-Vi
  • Time Mage
  • 2x Shadow Snitch
  • Hardy Stonefish
  • Scavo Hireling
  • Supply Runner
  • Radiated Brute
  • Scavo Chemist
  • Chaos Knight
  • Blinding Reflector
  • Cruel Sethropod
  • Thaddius Brood
  • Disintegrator
  • Antoid Platoon
  • Gold Foil Scavo Hireling
  • 2x Goblin Psychic
  • 2x Mycelic Morphoid
  • Carrion Shade
  • Gargoya Scrapper
  • Wave Brood

I ended up with 20 Common, 4 Rare and 1 Epic card from them. That's just above the minimum as the minimum is 4 Common and 1 Rare or better. So it's pretty good that I got an Epic in there! And getting one of the cards turn Gold Foil is always great! 😄

What did you get from your End of Season rewards? Are you excited for the new ranked rewards system with daily focus?

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