My daily rewards in Diamond III & my performance in Bronze Tournament!


Welcome Guys!

This post is with little delay, so don't worry about wrong counting until season end.

I advanced to Diamond III in half of the season! This is my record. I achieved this goal 4 days faster than in last season!

earth quest done.png

timer of diamond advancement.png

I had earth quest to do, which is one of my favourite right now.

diamond advancement.png

This is not the end I will try grind more to advance more divisions!

I have enough power to be even Diamond I!

That was my last battles, I was so close 2 times with 2795 and 2798 elo rating!

I won 3 of 4 and I pass through 2800 elo, which is level of diamond!



Ok reward time! Let's check my luck from the boxes!

15 chests.png

epic card rewards.png

I looted epic card, which value is about ~7.5$ with + dec tokens quest value is over 8$

That was really good draw!

Anyway way is not the end!

I took part in bronze tournament and I was on the 15th place!

top 15 bronze tournament.png

I won 3 SPS, which is quite decent!