My old daily rewards for quest made in 09 09 2021 Diamond III


Welcome Guys!

I still have some pictures from last rewards in my folder.
I hope you don't mind, but I gonna share with you my old rewards!

I made dragon quest in Diamond III with quest potion I have 15 reward cards to claim!

quest complete.png

My power is on Diamond I level, but believe me I still miss so many main cards, which are necessary to climb in leaderboard. That means that will be harder without that kind of cards, but nobody said that it will be impossible to jump another divisions!

Let's take a look at my rewards!


I was lucky and I looted 2k dec - substitute of untamed card pack!

3 common rewards and some dec tokens!

Ok so let's calculate!

Dec price slightly decreased over time, when I made this quest, so I will calculate with lower price.

to easy caluculate let's say that 3 common cards are 0.6$ + 2081 dec worth 11.44$ (0.0055$ for each dec price) so we have in total like 12$ worh of rewards that's awesome!