SPLINTERLANDS - Champion II season rewards opening 72 champion chests!

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Welcome Guys!

72 chests champion II.png

In this video I show you my rewards in Champion II, I can say that there was really interesting rewards so you need to check this out, so don't wait and check out my season rewards!

I first time in my Splinterlands career I was able to push away my elo rating limit above 4500 elo rating in peak.

end season1.png

It was really hard to have good rating and win more chests for daily quest and for season rewards. I finished season with over 4.4k elo rating, which give me over 700 champion points to airdrop :)

That look my account 1h before season end.

end of season.png

I still need to wait like 1h to open my daily chests, so I gonna talk about that in next post :)

I hope so that all of you had so much fun at end of the season and I wish you really good rewards!

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