RE: Announcing the Splinterlands Card Rental System

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This is amazing! Well done team and I'm very excited to see what groups like Yield Guild do with this.

One thing I've been curious about is the following situation...

I have 2 Flame Monkey cards (for example). One is Maxed out and the other has 97 BCX. I can now rent out the 97 BCX Flame Monkey card.

If I'm later awarded a new 1 BCX Flame Monkey card in a loot chest... and I press the Combine All Cards button in my Collection tab, what will happen?

  • Will my listing of the 97 BCX card now be a listing for a 98 BCX card?
  • Will the Combine All Cards button ignore this scenario and I'll have a Max card, a 97 BCX card and a 1 BCX card?
  • My 97 BCX card will be removed from the rental market and combined to a 98 BCX card?
  • Other?

I've been curious about this on PeakMonsters too where I do have some reward cards listed for rental, but have never actually paid enough attention to test and find out...