My Journey to Gold Leaderboard

The Journey to Gold Leaderboard

I started playing SPLINTERLAND late September 2021 and find that this game is fun. This is the first game I played more than a month. Simply to say, I tried it and I was hook into it. It took me almost 4 season to reach at least silver, then go to gold and then diamond. Diamond was the highest rank I played. I found that the more you go higher the more it was enjoyable as there are more abilities being unlocked. Pure life sneak and pure water magic was my typical of play . Playing rank battles, I came across with strong opponent not knowing that they are playing for leaderboard. So I got curious into how they are doing it. I then go to leaderboard and see whose on top and watch their battles. The most I watch is those who got less collection as those are the guys managing well, simply to say they depend on rentals as I am. So I ask myself why not try it.. so here we are…

I then rent fire, water, life and earth splinter and just rent dragon and death summoner to go with. At first I am winning with high winrate but then when I’m at top 100 the game going is tough, My winrate then drop. Going to top 50 was even tougher I’m losing with those rule set that I got no rental so ended renting atleast some death and dragon monster. Going into top 30 is even more tougher and and when you loss once you need to win atleast 4 or 5 winstreak to get back to your rating. No wonder those guys who play leaderboard almost rent for almost all splinter to dispatch. Not only that , it is difficult to allow a loss, specially a back to back loss that means getting back to zero and need a winstreak to be able to be part of the leaderboard. And now we are lucky to be part of it…


I was ranked top 21 although i receive the top 20 rewards as the other guy didn't have the required collection power.

Here are some of the battles going into it:


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