RE: Were My Chaos Packs a Good Investment?


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Oh cool! I didn't see you hadn't counted the Dr. Blights! That is such a huge part of the benefit of the pre-sale, so I'm glad to see that after you factor that in, it's pretty close to even! In doing my own numbers, it seemed that the only way to make money on the pre-sale was to get 1,000 packs. The guaranteed GF Dr. Blight + the title pushed it over the edge.

And I should also say, I'm not all about the ROI myself. There are probably better investments in crypto than SL if all I care about is $$$. I've posted a few times about how renting up in league at the end of season is objectively a pretty bad decision with a negative ROI. But I do it anyways, because it's fun and I enjoy opening extra chests for the chance of cool rewards.

So yeah, at the end of the day, if you're happy with your decision, it was a good decision, ROI be damned.