Is it worth in DEC to push higher?

Hello guyz,

this is my second season playing Splinterlands and I've got some questions that I would like to ask to more experienced players.

Considering I am only playing with the MVP of bronze (Ooze) combined with Fire Malric this is allowing me much success in low energy level matches.


Here you can see easy win against meta magic water in 13 energy:

As u can see, Ooze eases all the combat giving priority to my troops damage agains rival.

I can't imagine a better inversion for one mana in the combat fields

Now I am with more than 1.000 ranked points and I don't know if It would be worth to rent some cards to increase my power to get more chests.


What would u rent? Is it worth? Thank u very much in advance!!


Nice battle. That ooze is super useful.

I don't have any particular recommendations, but renting some more fire cards and some neutral cards to round out your roster if there's any you're missing should put you in line to get to Bronze 1. The jump from Bronze 1 to Silver III is a big jump, though and I am not good enough with the number to know if it's worth it to rent your way to silver 3 or not. Maybe someone else has a better idea.

Good post. Have some !PIZZA