Splinterlands - Battle Weekly Challenge - Stone Golem

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Hello fellow Splinterlands lovers, how are you?

Here I am once again for the big Splinterlands weekly battle challenge.

Let's talk about the card of the week, the team I used and the outcome of the battle.

And here we go.


This week's theme is "STONE GOLEM".


This week's card is the great Stone Golem, a great tanker with good status and a great standard ability.

As you can see, the Stone Golem belongs to the life element, costs 5 mana to participate in battle, and has, at level 1, 6 life, which is a good amount for its mana cost, 2 defense, improving even more its ability to withstand attacks.

On the other hand, it only has one melee attack and one speed attack, which makes Stone Golem a very tough card, but it doesn't have a high attack capacity, either because of its low speed or its low damage.

But the Stone Golem still has a surprise, which is its standard ability "Shield", which reduces the damage suffered by enemy melee and ranged attacks, ie, if the enemy cards have only 1 melee or ranged damage, the Stone Golem will not suffer any damage.

Starting at level 6 the Stone Golem gains the Stun ability, which provides a chance that the stone golem's attack will cause the attacked enemy to spend the next turn being stunned.

Also, Stone Golem is a Starter card, so all players can use it in battle even if they don't have it.


My current battle status is 1,013 rating and I'm in the "Bronze II" league, so those are the characteristics of the Battle Weekly Challenge,and the choice of battle rules was as follows:


The battle draw has 24 mana cap, blocked only the life element and has the "lost magic" rule so monsters with magic cannot be used in battle, which proved to be interesting given the Stone Golem's standard ability as I mentioned above.

The opponent in his last battles used mostly deathmage, so there is a high probability that this will also be used in this battle.

So, considering that the Stone Golem is an earth card, I chose the summoner "Wizard of Eastwood" for its ability to remove 2 armor from enemy cards.

Then, in first place, I placed the Stone Golem as a tank, followed by the Orc Seargent, which, although it has a melee attack, is able to attack from the second position because of its "reach" ability, followed by the Goblin Thief that attacks from any position because of its Sneak ability.

To complete the team I placed 2 ranged attack cards, these are: Child of the forest, which has the ability "snipe" and, finally, the Earth Elemental for having enough life (6) by the low mana cost (3)

So the battle beggins.

Round 1:

As one might imagine my opponent chose to play with the death team, which was composed of the following cards:

Haunted Spirit, Undead Priest, Skeleton Assassin, Haunted Spirit, Dark Astronomer and Twisted Jester

In the first round my Child of the forest was defeated early on by the Twisted Jester attack.

The goblin Thief attacked the Twisted Jester, reducing his life from 4 to 2.

My Earth elemental was attacked by Skeleton Assassin, reducing its life.

My opponent's remaining cards attacked my Stone Golem, and my cards attacked his Haunted Spirit.

Round 2:

Round 2 began with further attacks from Skeleton Assassin and Twisted Jester on my Earth Elemental, reducing its life to only 1.

Haunte Spirit healed from the damage of the last round and attacked my stone Golem.

The goblin Thief again attacked the Twisted Jester and defeated him.

Round 3:

In the third round my earth elemental was defeated at first by the Skeleton Assassin's attack, and soon after, the Twisted Jester defeated my Stone Golem, leading the battle to a victory for my opponent.

Orc Sergeant then went to the front of the battle and attacked Haunted Spirit.

The Goblin Thief attacked the Dark Astronomer and dealt 2 damage.

There was not much left to be done and my defeat was already certain.

Round 4:

The fourth round was just to seal my defeat, which came from the Haunter Spirit's attack defeating my Orc Sergeant and the Dark Astronomer's attack defeating my Goblin Thief.

This is the end of the line for me.


I honestly have to admit that I took a "beating", not having at any point of the match had a possible advantage for victory.

The choice of my summoner didn't help much, since his ability to reduce the opponent's armor was indifferent since all my opponent's cards had no armor.

The Haunted Spirit with its ability to heal itself also proved to be a big differentiator, as only 3 of my cards were attacking it, which caused it to suffer only 1 round in damage, when it hadn't lost any of its cards.

What I can say is that maybe another summoner of the earth element would have been a differential in the battle, especially if it was a Mylor that would have helped a lot to damage my opponents with melee attack.

I, as I have already said in other posts, like to play with the water team, but I usually use Mylor, but I had no active rent of it at the time of this battle, so I had to adapt with a new summoner.

So my friends, this is the result of another weekly battle.

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading.

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