Gladius Card Spotlight: Epics


The third installment of the gladius series focuses on epic cards. There are only one epic card per splinter to choose from so this will just be highlighting each card instead of picking the best one. As you would expect, some of these cards are unbelievable in battle and one of the epics may be the best gladius card in the whole game right now. Without further delay, let us get into each one.

Fire: Gorth


Gorth is a typical monster you would expect for the fire team. High damage output with slow speed making it very powerful in some rulesets, however very easily dealt with in others. The best rulesets for this card would be melee from any position as well as super sneak. As the card levels up it gets enrage which could really get out of hand when combining with the bloodlust. You might see your first 15 or 20 damage dealer with this card in a match if everything goes well. There are more common monsters that are more valuable than this card for fire but I do not think anyone would not be happy to open this card up in a pack.

Water: Edith Emberstar


Edith is a high mana DPS archer that can really fit in nicely with the water team. With the relatively high speed and seven hit points, this card can be a good sneak and snipe protector along with dealing out heavy blows. Range from the first position and no shield rulesets would be the best time to use this card. Leveling edith up would be of supreme interest if we were able to buy and sell gladius cards as the blast and strengthen put the card into another tier of meta. The blast would allow for even more bloodlust possibility and create a great card for target practice ruleset (magic and range get snipe). There is no water summoner that could not use this card in the rulesets mentioned above.

Earth: Quora


Now enters what most players would say is the best gladius card in the game. Someone really just threw caution to the wind and slapped a big old OP on this card. Two melee and Two Magic make this card deal out serious damage no matter where it is placed. Add the heal in at level one and it is just ridiculous to use. Playing in the alpha and beta fray that I participate in, this card wins matches by itself and needs no extra support or strategy behind it. Matching quora with obsidian and placing her in the first position with the slipspawn in the back and the goblin psychic to heal is a dangerous combo for mid to high manas. That is the only downside to this card is the ten mana cost however we have seen with other OP monsters such as uriel and kron that you can play these type of cards all by themselves and they will carry you to victory.

Life: Marisol Contuma


Marisol was a pleasant suprise for me when I was doing my research as it is not a card I have ever seen played in a gladius match. Lot of nice things going right for this card include high hit and shield points, ridiculous five speed, and four melee damage at nine mana. Adding all those stats up you get significant value for the mana cost. Rathe and marisol are a match made in heaven with uriel up front and some heals/repair in the backline. No tank stands a chance against those two cards dealing four and nine mana respectively. The inspire and trample as this card levels up are nice additions but not meta defining for this card in my opinion as it has a pretty nice niche already on the white team.

Death: Trapp Falloway


For how much the creators got Quora OP, this card really misses the boat in my opinion for an epic card. Four melee with four speed is nothing to bat your eye at, however four health and inability to be put in the backline is perplexing to me. No doubt this card is powerful in melee from any position and super sneak rulesets, but the low health makes it unplayable in most other rulesets. Most life leach creatures are range and magic for a reason as it is too much of a liability to have this card as your main tank. Adding the halfing and true strike again is nice during a niche play but does not put this card anywhere above some of the more common monsters for death mentioned in the previous articles.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can see, a few of these cards are deck changing making them win a match almost all on their own. I was lucky enough to get edith in a pack but am definitely crossing my fingers for a quora or marisol in the next one around the corner. If you would like to join this blockchain game and get in on the fun of using these unique cards, please use the following link: