Gladius Card Spotlight: Legendaries


Completing our gladius card spotlight finishes with the best of the best. Legendary cards are few and far between even for players who have playing for quite awhile. If you are lucky enough to pull one, they can really change the trajectory of your brawl experience. These subset of cards are also the only ones with a dragon and neutral gladius card. Let us get into it and see which one is the king of the legendary cards. As always if you would like to enter this game and enjoy using these cards below, please use the following link:

Fire: Fina Voxom


A card that really pairs well with several fire monsters as well as summoners making it almost an immediate win in certain rulesets. Four buffed opportunity damage is nuts and then add in the bloodlust can make for a crazy steam roll. The high speed and seven health for five mana is a great value for fina. Rulesets such as blast as well as no shiled matchups would be the best time to use this card as hitting one shield would be frustrating with this monster. Naturally getting this card to level two with piercing really elevates the usefulness in almost every other rulesets. Pairing Fina with yodin can blast away your opponent or if you only have one bcx, you could pair with quid yuff to add that piercing damage.

Water: Flagulon Reine


Flagulon is less of a slam dunk pairing with the average summoner for the water team especially in the modern format. Two blast damage is no joke but is more easily countered that fina in my opinion. Obviously, pairing her with Alric is a real game changer and is often a card I am single handedly beat by in the alpha beta fray. Using this card with a speed buff may be helpful against phase monsters and also with the wavesmith in order to make it less easily eliminated on the backline by adding the shields. The shatter ability this card gets at level two is really unique as there is not a single magic monster with shatter other than flagulon. That really destroys any void armor play as well as makes flagulon playable in weak magic formats. Really would love to see this type of card added to riftwatchers.

Earth: Jini Guise


If you want to know where the idea for queen mycelia came, Jini is your answer. Queen M is a complete copy of this card which makes using Jini in brawls less of a necessity. Probably the worst legendary guild card, this would not be as big of a hit for your team as some of the other cards we will mention. Buffing this card with obsidian is a no brainer and still viable in little league matchups. I am not sure if the shields stack but that could prove to be an automatic win if so in low mana matches.

Life: Sola Ranjell


Another card that seems to have been recreated from another monster as sola reminds me alot of the divine healer from beta.
Tank heal is highly effective with the taunt play from life and this card adds to that. Not a must have card to win a battle but definitely a nice addition to any strategy your are trying to deploy. Pairing this with Rathe gives this card some staying power as well as lorna shine. Shieldbearer as well as a level two uriel would also love playing alongside sola. The cleanse at level two makes this card a must have for gold league matches given the heavy poison play opponent's can bring with monster such as uraeus and bonesmith.

Death: Xulax Nightwind


We return to a really gamechanging card in my opinion for the death team. Pairing this with thaddues nerfing magic damage would make this card very hard to remove in the frontline. I could see this card along with djinn muirat in the second position and heavy damage in the backline wreaking havoc on magic spam teams. The three melee damage with three speed also allows this to be an offensive tank as well. At level 2, adding the thorns makes it even more of an offensive tanks especially against tanks such as grund and unicorn mustang. Repair monsters such as scavo hireling are a nice combo with xulax.

Dragon: Larissa Kerato


The undeniable best guild card is larissa. Two magic damage with double strike is really tough to get around unless you are specifically game planning for it. Needing a silence along with void monster is the only way to make this card not shred through your tank. Pairing this card with delwyn really gets out control dealing six magic damage to your opponent that us further buffed by bloodlust. The void at level two gives it a little more staying power but is not imperative to the effectiveness of the card.

Neutral: Tatiana Blade


A dark horse card in my opinion that I had not seen before is tatiana blade. The neutral designation allows for play across splinters giving it even more usability than larissa above. With only five health, this is not a tank monster but one that is a must play in high mana melee from any position or super sneak rulesets. The close range is definitely nice and could off a play in equalizer rulesets. Pairing this card with sloan or selenia sky would be a nice buff to an already supreme card.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can see, most of these cards are really match changers for their respective splinters and allow you to significantly increase your win rate in brawls. Having one of these cards make you as a player very appealing to high level guilds. Another benefit to these monsters is the free 1,000 CP added to your deck. Please upvote or comment which one is your favorite and if any of you have had any luck pulling one of these cards in a guild pack.


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