[Live] Pokemon Sword & Splinterlands- Wednesday Max Raids & Treasure Hunting

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Game (Category): Pokemon Sword

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Welcome to a Splinterlands Live stream here with @boycharlieplays!

Today I am taking a few Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) from the @boycharlieplays wallet to rent some cards and battle some Pokemon !

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are earned from renting my own personal card collection.

These tokens allow the @boycharlieplays account to rent stronger Monster and Summoner NFT cards than the ones I have in my collection.

Below you will see the formidable team I have managed to put together.

Also in Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced an open world of multiplayer loot features known as Max Raid battles.

In these Max Raid Battles you face off against gigantic Pokemon, earn items and receive rare Pokemon Move items.

There is also a chance to capture a Shiny version of the Pokemon you are facing in these Max Raid Battles.

Live Stream Details

Finding new candies and treasures can be done by exploring the Galar Region, exchanging items at shops or battling in Max Raid Battles.

If you would like to join a Max Raid Battle session drop a comment with your Friend Code and I will add you to the next raid. If you want to connect with

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