Twelfth Raffle Announcement - 3 Untamed Card Packs!



Twelfth Raffle

For my twelfth raffle, I'm going to be raffling off 3 Untamed Card Packs!


Raffle Tickets

There will be a total of 50 raffle tickets (#1-50) available. The cost of each ticket will be $4 each, and each person may buy a max of 5 tickets!

There will only be a total of three winners, and a single person can win more than once if they buy multiple tickets! Each winner will win 1 Untamed Card Pack.

How To Participate

You need to follow the instructions below if you want to participate and buy raffle tickets:

  1. Join my Splinterlands Raffle Discord Server
  2. Check which raffle ticket numbers are still available in #raffle-entry-list
  3. Next in the #raffle-entry channel, post which raffle numbers you want to buy. After claiming your numbers, wait until I confirm that the numbers are available. Once I confirm this, send your payment to my account (See payment section)
  4. If your payment goes through, verify that I've updated the raffle list with your numbers


I'm only accepting fiat (PayPal), DEC, WAX, or SPS for this raffle.

  • For PayPal payments, you can pay me through the following link:
  • For DEC & SPS payments, send to my account: brybro27
  • For WAX payments, send to my account: p2buo.wam

Reminder, don't send any payments until I've responded to your claim of numbers.


Results From My Eleventh Raffle

Congratulations to the following people for being selected as the winners for my eleventh raffle!

  1. MatthewMacgregor won 1 BCX Djinn Oshannus
  2. Gagoko413 won 1 BCX Djinn Biljka
  3. Terry won 1 BCX Harklaw
  4. Captainadi won 10 SPS from the bonus round

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Hoping to win this one! 😺