Quite the Talon-ted Summoner - Using Dragons in battle!


This week's Share Your Battle challenge was to use any card from the Dragon splinter! This is always a welcome challenge to see because of its flexibility - if you bring a Dragon summoner then you can choose cards from any splinter that you like to complement your Dragon cards. In the new quest rewards system, the Dragon focus has quickly become my favorite daily quest to see just for this reason - particularly when your opponents are easy to predict, the Dragon splinter allows you to cherry pick the perfect strategy to counter your opponent and work with the battlefield conditions.

Our battle today features a number of dragon cards, but the one that I would like to highlight in the introduction is the summoner - Brighton Bloom. Brighton Bloom is a Dragon summoner that fits in perfectly with the Dragon splinter's theme of flexibility - for his 4 mana cost you get a utility summoner that lets you use your Dragon cards and gives everything Flying to boot. As you will see in the battle, that can come in handy. Throw in a couple of Dragon monsters in Djinn Chwala and Twilight Basilisk, plus a supporting cast borrowed from the water splinter and it is going to be quite the party!

If you wanted to jump right to the action, the Battle Link is right here. Want to hear some more about the lineup? Read on further!



Here is the ruleset for the battle. This ruleset is a perfect one for Brighton Bloom, because his buffs will completely negate the effects of Earthquake on my lineup. Even Stevens isn't bad for us either, since I can choose the splinter I have the best even mana cost deck for. Today, that splinter was Water.

As I mentioned at the start today, this battle will be showcasing Brighton Bloom, our Dragon summoner. Brighton really shines with the Earthquake ruleset, since he gives our whole team Flying. This will help us to avoid taking any damage from Earthquake, and ensure that the enemy lineup will be facing an uphill battle unless they also bring a lot of flyers.

I started off my lineup with my primary and secondary tanks. Djinn Chwala is an outstanding all-around tank - with 5 armor and 9 HP that should buy a lot of time for the rest of my team and Earthquake to deal heavy damage to my opponent's monsters. Twilight Basilisk would add in a bit of additional melee damage at a relatively low cost of 4 mana. Finally, both of these (along with the rest of my team) will benefit from additional dodge chance thanks to the Flying from Brighton Bloom.

The middle of my lineup contained most of my heavy damage. Djinn Oshannus dishes out 2 magic damage per turn, and would also work well as an emergency tank. Deeplurker hits even harder with its 3 melee attack, and Opportunity ensures that it will be hitting my opponent's weakest monsters.

Finally, I filled in my team with Kulu Swimhunter and Ice Pixie. Kulu Swimhunter is a cost-efficient ranged attacker with 2 damage for just 4 mana. Ice Pixie's Flying is a little redundant with Brighton, but it is still hard to hit and can serve as a nice buffer in case my opponent brings any Sneak damage.


With the lineup set, it's off into battle! When I see the selected teams I feel pretty good about the situation. My opponent's team only has a single flyer, meaning that they will be taking plenty of hits from Earthquake. On top of that, many of the monsters have relatively low health totals, meaning that they probably won't stick around for long. On the other hand, they do have Harklaw who is a great tank and also takes only half the Earthquake damage, so we'll have to see how this goes!

round 1.png

In the first round of battle there isn't a whole lot that happens - my monsters knock out the Chicken and get to work on Harklaw, but that is about it. As a quick reminder - Earthquake gets applied at the start of the following round, so this screenshot is taken before round 1 Earthquake damage gets applied.

round 2.png

After the second round things are beginning to look up - Earthquake is taking a toll and most of my opponent's monsters are heavily damaged. My team has taken a few hits but is relatively unscathed - thanks Brighton!

round 3.png

It took just one more round - here you can see the beginning of the 4th round, and it is all but over. My whole team is still standing, and the only thing in the way of victory is a Phantom Soldier on its last legs. And again, if you wanted to see the whole battle for yourself, you can see it right here.

round 4.png

My strategy for the battle worked out extremely well - Brighton Bloom is the perfect summoner for Earthquake rulesets, and any team battling him there is going to have a rough time. This battle was a great showcase for the flexibility of the Dragon splinter since I was able to select the perfect summoner for the ruleset and back him up with the perfect supporting cast of Dragon and Water monsters.

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of the Dragon splinter - it is one of my favorite daily focuses, and I am always happy to roll it when I get my next quest. Strong summoners, strong monsters, AND you get to borrow the best cards the other splinters have to offer? Yes, please!


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All images used in this article are open source and obtained from Pixabay or Unsplash. Thumbnails, card images, and dividers borrowed with permission from the Splinterlands team or made in Canva.


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