8th of december is an auspicious day for splinterlanders


It is obvious that i am not the only one excited about the release of chaos which is going to happen on december 8 and with the characters and stats that were shown to us during the ama that happened on splinterlands discord server yesterday, i know if it is possible many would wish to sleep from now and just wake up on december 8 so they can just open their packs already or play those cards!

Another reason why many splinterlands player are anticipating december 8 is because of the next phase of vouchers that will be dropped to sps stakers and this time, it will be doubled of what they got the last time so more vouchers will flow and you still think it is a bad idea to stake sps?

Benefits of staking sps

The Sps is now the native token of splinterlands and it has a lot of use case and potentials to soar at anytime....

  • Staking sps reward stakers with a certain percentage of airdrop for staking...
  • Stakers get to enjoy drop of vouchers anytime there is one.
  • The earning of sps per battle will also be based on your sps stake....

It does not hurt to stake your sps, you only get bigger reward and more sps!

The acid shooter is one of the chaos monster that was revealed yesterday and i feel this card will only make the earth splinter more powerful, a 2 mana card with 2 attack power and 5life power, it is just so awesome and the combination of this card with the other 2 and 3 mana monsters on earth will make the splinter deadly in small mana battles....

We will see the full package on december 8!


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.