My focus on the changes in splinterlands


Ok so it is I once again butops here again with another post which apparently took like almost a month to think about well i'm back giving my thoughts and my eventual actions in regards to the new changes.

So the new cp to sps changes..... some dont really approve of it at first but as the days come and went they soon realized to accept the facts that change was inevitable. I was actually like 10 steps ahead since january I never spent sps....kinda, I never got distracted by renting cards in the market my sheer focus in brawls even though I get low sps its fine like they say even the smallest trickle can make the largest hole. Now with the new changes my new focus for this season is to stay in silver sure i know its almost the lowest tier in the game but since my multiplier in that tier is within the x12,10,8 I can actually farm better rewards even though its gonna be a little competitive. as with the new changes now that its been implemented my thoughts in which some dont really realize is actually halting bots actions in every league, bots cant earn or even make any chests in their daily and season focuses sure there are still bot farmers but with these changes there are less bots that can earn, there are less bots that can actually be maintained, so I ask thee if people are so annoyed by the bots why are they enabling them bots by renting them their cards, delegating them sps and letting them in the guilds? Is this the Irony of actual greed?
Hey not gonna lie I'm really not affected by these changes because I actually prepared as a player that cant really afford much in life I really sheer focused my account out of the ballpark I went in got prepared although 6k sps is not that much at least it placed me in a way where i can earn quite a lot even on a low budget plus you know how my deck which can primarily battle in gold is just a growing silver/gold deck which can practically fend for itself in the upcoming competitive streak in the silver leagues.
Well enough about what i think and more about what i did this month well as you know i'm a streamer in splinterlandstv well with my earnings covering for people in the last month i finally had enough money to buy myself a 2nd plot of land

behold a river plot in the land of prosperity on tract thece 062


I bought this for like 37 bucks on peakmonsters sure it doesnt have the building in a box but hey if im gonna dump my max level lobstradamus in this it is a good value in my opinion

also bought myself 6 kelyas

now my kelya has achieved the silver class tier at level 4


I know these things are small in the eyes of a whale but like i said a small trickle makes a big hole eventually

well time to promote summoner summer


the days are still in place for summer and we still have the gold foil kitty in the midst so people i implore you to please watch splinterlandsTV who know you might win the coveted gold foil kitty

also if you want to find about the game click this link right here

welll thats enough of my blab for this post hope you guys got interested and got a little enlightened with this but you know everyone has their opinions

with that said

This is Butops

have a nice day