Brawling on Tier-3 - Splinterlands Social Media Challenge

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a new challenge

About a month ago, I had the privilege of taking over as co-lead for the Legendary Dragons' wing guild, the Legendary Dragon Babies.
Since the Babies are a great crew, it didn't take me long to think about taking over the role.

Until then we brawled quite successfully in Tier2. But I felt that we could improve our SPS Rewards on Tier3 significantly. So I asked the gang for their opinion. The result was clear, everyone wanted to try it on T3!

Our development was not yet on the level for T3, but thanks to the help of many members and especially thanks to the generous donations of @uwelang and @alexvan , it worked out within a very short time to expand the buildings.

In addition to the infrastructure, the demands on the players' decks are also higher at Tier3. More and above all frays with a higher card cap have to be filled. Without the support of other wings from the Legendary Dragons community it would not work.


a new level

I knew it was going to be a little difficult for us to get all the frays on Tier3 well filled. The level is much higher than on Tier2. So it was not surprising that we had to take a good beating in our first brawl. The 2nd one was a bit better, but still too few wins.

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Brawl #137image.png

But after a couple of rounds the results got better. Everyone is slowly getting used to the new level and we are on the right track.

Brawl #138image.png

Brawl #139image.png

In the latest Brawl round we achieved our first Top3 result after only 5 Brawls in Tier 3 and I am very proud of the whole team! A podium finish after such a short time is great!

Brawl #140image.png

Thanks to @louis88 for preparing the Brawl results for the whole Legendary Dragons community!

Currently we still have 2 Gold Level Gold Foil Frays unfilled. Probably this will remain so, such decks are rather rare and very expensive.
Also on the remaining frays cards must be rented at the moment, but through the SPS rewards should normally pay for itself.

I personally play the Silver Alpha/Beta Fray and have to rent these cards completely. But thanks to the SPS Rewards on T3 I make no loss!


next steps

Where do we go from here? We will continue to expand our buildings and focus on good results in the Brawls. I hope that the Gold and Max. Level Frays will be a little easier to fill once we have more of the new Soulbound Reward cards.

Our Gladius decks are also steadily getting better and that helps. To that end, we will be expanding the buildings to have more advantages.
For me, it's clear that the step up was the right one. We are growing together in the challenge and everyone is ready to move forward!

What else is going on? The new reward cards made the game more interesting again and even though these cards are not tradable at the moment it is fun to collect them and I am looking forward to the Daily and EOS Rewards again! So far I have been lucky with the cards. E.g. I have a GF Lobb Lowland on level 4 😄

It's great to troll around in the Ranked Battels in the Gold League. It's pretty nasty when a Quora suddenly appears in a Ranked Match...


Like in this fight.


See you soon on the battlefield!


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