Crouching Golem vs Flying Horses

I was preparing for the next match. It was a Super Sneak (where all characters attack the backline except the front line) and Earthquake (where non-flying characters get 2 damage each round) ruleset, 40 Mana cap, and all splinters match. I started to think about my summoner! I checked my rival's previous matches and saw that they use Level 3-6 summoners. That's a strong rival!

I felt a card trying to come out of my card pouch, it was Brighton Bloom; the flying summoner.

I like using him but with this particular rival, a Level 1 summoner won't cut the deal! He kept nagging and I let him out!

"Pick me, pick me please! That's totaly my game. You already have Kron so select me and the earth splinter!"

"I can't see who we're fighting but they use Level 6 Summoners. That means you have a very small chance to win!"

"Nah, that won't be a problem! I'll just hold till the end the match will be yours; easy peasy!"

He kept talking and talking and I said to myself what the hell, let him try what he has in his mind!

Then I select him and the earth splinter also!

"Ok,, here's what we'll do: I want slipspawn at the back line, he'll tank everyone!"

"I'll have the Unicorn in the front, I like horses 😁 and basically when I add flying ability it becomes a pegasus, right?"

"Brighton, just concentrate on the selection please, we have limited time to select those soldiers!"

"Ok, Mr mood-killer! Gimme Kron now! When the backline melts Kron will hold the line!"

"I like that Goblin-Tower: some blasty blasty!"

"Our little Khmer Princess will be fine addition with that low mana!"

"And no mana left so I'll add a Fungus Fiend!"

"Don't you think it should go more backline?"

"Relax I know what I'm doing! Let's fly!"

Battle Link

"Oh crap, I told you they'll come with all they've got, how will you handle that! That's insane!"

"Ahh, maybe it's more than I imagined but hey, let's give it a shot!"

"Brighton, why didn't you put the fiend after Mycelid Slipspawn, idiot!"

"Relax, that's just a game, mate! It's not finished yet!"

"You lost Slipspawn, and Khmer! Without having a shot! How will you succeed?"

"Don't know and don't care, just feel the energy flowing through the battleground! Believe in me!"

"Somebody's refreshed some hope, right? That gelatinous cube gone so let my pegasus go through it!"

"Have you realised that they are losing health every round. That's gonna be a win!"

"Not that Flesh Golem but the others! He's a troublesome fella!"

"I'm beating a level 6 team, wow! Thanks Brighton!"

"Well, it was a brute force team, not a very effective one! But still it's not nothing!"

"I'll take a nap, would you wrap-up the rest Brighton?"

"Sure thing Boss!"

"Oups, my horsy!"

"What happened, is something wrong?"

"Nope, it's just my horsy! Nevermind, I got a half horsy here: Kron the Undying!"

"Well done Brighton, you really paying back that $8 I paid for you!"

"What, $8 dollars. Those puny Chaos Legion caharcters are really affecting my price that much! I'll be priceless in the future, at least $50!"

"Yeah, yeah! Byeee!"

So the match finished with my light team with a solid backbone crashing that brute force team! It was nearly a very easy win too! Let's keep on working on strategies!

Thank you for reading, take care!

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