3 Golden Rules for the F2P Player



A F2P player's life is not so easy. But I have some tips and tricks for you to easily play and have a good time in Splinterlands! These are 3 golden rules I have gathered for you, there might be more but those are some of the most important ones. I think if you have a spare 150-200 dec you can easily start working on these methods!

1.Maximize Dec earnings

One thing for sure, the dec earnings will never be satisfying, and there is nothing you can do about it. But there are some ways that you can do to improve the earnings a little bit.

First of all, stop playing at the end of the season if your capture rate is low. On the first day of the season go check out the market, try to rent some budget killer characters, and make some money.

Try to rise at least to Silver 3 and you will see that the earnings would be 7-8 DEC per win. You can try to rent a gold character that you occasionally use and include it in your matches for an extra %10, rent some alpha and it’s another %10.

This way plays for at least 3-4 days and try to earn as much as you can.

2. Do something about your RC!

I know, you may be just for the game but the RC shortage is very bad. For that, you can publish on PeakD, Splintertalk, 1UP, Hive Blog or Ecency and gain some hive money in order to power up your account. Go ask for RC in Splinterlands discord, there is a channel for that. Or go buy some Hive power, 10 HP would be sufficient enough!

3. Become a master of Peakmonsters Rent!

If you powered up your account now is the time to maximize your CP/DEC. Normally people don’t care about that and go rent for 200-300 CP/DEC. But in my strategy, I can max it out to 500-600 CP/DEC. Then I have some space for extra renting for my gameplay. But this won’t happen in a day, you may try for 2-3 days.

The Auto-Rental for CP function is dead already, it’s used by everyone and you can’t rely on that if you are a f2p player. Now, open the Peakmonsters Rent page:


As you can see, I gave some numbers to the buttons you will use most of the time.

No.1 This is the button where you refresh the peakmonsters page without changing the filters you have applied. Let’s say you chose Alpha Gold Summoners and then you want to refresh the page. Normally, if you do it on your browser, that will reset everything. If you use that button, all filters remain.

NO.2 That’s where your mouse should always hover on because if you see a good deal you have 1-2 seconds to finish the deal and rent it. Yes, you can be faster than the bots and the auto-rent system.

NO.3 That’s where you switch to gain more CP for a single rent when you need it! We won’t be always using it, because if you depend on high CP valued cards, then it might get canceled at the end of the season and you will either go down one or two leagues or pay the 50-100 CP/DEC price.

So, I call my strategy fishing and it works for me for at least 3 seasons. No end-of-season stress. Why? Let me explain.

I read a lot of articles, discord conversations, etc. And the owners who rent their cards do that in bulk. Let’s say a thousand or more. So, they do it automatically. When the EOS comes, they need to cancel the rents in order to adjust them. Now, concentrate here. THEY DON’T CANCEL THE LOW CP/DEC CARDS. Because they don’t want to deal with that many little cards and that also won’t change in price too much.

So what you will do is, go rent cards between 60-300 CP. Rent lot’s of them. I have 89 rents now and I pay 40 DEC/DAY for 16K CP power. That means 16000/40=400 CP/DEC average! Also, that means I pay 0,44 DEC for each card average.


How you do it is you wait on the rent page, click NO.1, and refresh. Wait for a good deal. Click NO.2 as fast as you can and finish the rest very very quickly. If you need more CP, click NO.3 and do those steps again. It might take a long time but you will prevail in the end.

Your RC should be good and a little strong. And also sometimes the rent doesn’t happen but still, the RC goes away. You should practice and be quick.

In the end, you will have dozens of cards to play that the other players don’t have!

This is the end of my 3 Golden Rules for the F2P player article. Thanks for reading.