Play2earn; splinterlands proving the best gameplay for online earning.. splinterlands talk


Hi beautiful people!
Happy Friday to all...
In this video I have talked about so many topics like staking SPS token, renting card, increasing DEC token, buying card and selling along with making plan and strategy for this splinterlands season. This gaming platform proving the best option for play2earn. On 17th September I staked 3046 SPS token to get more airport. This time I am focusing to unlock my maximum League that is diamond League second and currently knocking in diamond League third. My strategy is clear taking this season to collect more reward card that we get from daily quest and loots chest. Recently I bought Epic Monster DJINN RENOVA from Life splinter worth $29 . It is very useful Monster having 7 Mana providing heal to back monster and increase one health for each card. Some more few card that we are getting from daily quest definitely useful. Overall two weeks has been very good taking new reward cards. It is just 6 day to go to finish this season, definitely there is some more plan that I have to execute in next coming days.
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