Current splinterland season crossed it's halfway, I am yet to unlock my higher League.


Hi beautiful world!
Hope life has been going good for you.
New week, new responsibilities, new challenges that we have to fulfill in this week. In this video I have talked especially splinterlands gaming season that is crossed halfway. Although I am away from my goal, I mean unlocking highest League . I am optimistic that I able to do it. This time I am more focusing on rental card and playing more battle. I already rented for some summoners and card for this season. Due to more growth in renting card it is very difficult to make place in leaderboard. Definitely there is a few more things that I have to learn. Recently I bought and sold out my few card only for DEC coin. Really having fun with this wonderful gaming platform. Hope you are also making your strategy and plan for this week..
Have a great day.

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