Good start of the day with a legendary God foil Torhilo the Frozen. Splinterlandstalk


Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead.
Previous ended season was not a good season for me just I get a rare card along with near about 130 DEC token. But after two days I get a legendary gold foil Torhilo the Frozen level 2 in daily quest that I completed with life splinter.. This time its market value is $99.99. Really it is a fantastic knock of the week. Before it I made every effort to make place in leaderboard but I was shirt 3 step. Gold league leaderboard season ended with 3092 rating and my rating was 3037. Perhaps you have noticed that a previous one week battling became very tough due to increasing price of DEC token. You never get any weak opponent. Although we get enough DEC token if we won. I am a little surprised and annoyed with myself that why did I sell my Gold Card and Legendary Card for cheap few days back. Perhaps I was not expecting much price of these cards and DEC token. I am happy that my investment in splinterlands gaming platform become triple within very short time. Now in this season definitely I will not play for leaderboard but I will play for DEC token and after finishing halfway of the season, I will skip for next level diamond League so that I can get more DEC token from battle. What do you think? Please leave your opinion in comment box.
Have a great day.

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