Why Is It Yodin Again?


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Rule Set: Keep Your Distance

This was another match against an opponent that uses a Yodin in Bronze 1 (most of the cards I rented expired which is why I dropped a league). Despite just being a match in the Bronze league, I still think that it’s a very interesting match though.

As the rule set (Keep Your Distance) suggest, no melee-based monsters could be used in this particular match which was a very limiting rule set. Since the water splinters could be used in this match, I decided to go Alric while my opponent went with Yodin.

In term of rarity, my opponent’s Yodin (legendary) trumps Alric (rare) especially with that Blast ability. But in term of effectiveness in this particular battle, Alric had the advantage with his +1 to all magic attack.

For our tanks, I’ve chosen Peaceful Giant since it’s the monster with the highest health that was available to me. My opponent on the other hand chooses Spirit Miner (legendary), a neutral splinter with 2 magic attacks.

Spirit Miner was a really strong splinter that could give me trouble in normal circumstances. Its decent health (6 + 1 from Yodin’s effect) would also make it a slightly decent tank.

Unfortunately for it though, my roster was filled with 4 magic attackers that do 2 damage each. And with that many magic-based splinters bombarding it with magic, Spirit Miner couldn’t hold for too long.

That being said, the match wasn’t an easy one despite my advantages. My opponent had made use of Yodin’s other effect which was +1 to all range attacks. His backline was filled with range attackers and with no splinter with Sneak, Snipe, or Opportunity to take them on; they’re free to bombard me with attacks with the Blast effect.

If it wasn’t for Venari Wavesmith’s Shield, I would most likely lose the match thanks to the effect of Blast. But thanks to Shield, the effect of Blast was greatly weakened. So yeah, Venari Wavesmith was without a doubt the MVP of this particular battle.

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