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Rule Sets: Earthquake and Spreading Fury

This interesting battle wasn’t a recent one but that had happened a few days back. I was supposed to post this fight a few ago back but due to various circumstances, I could only post it now.

Anyways, the reason I say this fight was interesting was due to the summoner used by my opponent. It was a Yodin, you see.

Before this fight, I would always consider a match against a Yodin a losing battle. This was due to the fact that I would always lose against a Yodin, no exception. Well, that was until this particular matchup.

In this match, my summoner was a level 1 Drake of Arnak. This dragon-headed guy’s effect was to add +1 Armor to all my monsters in the field. A pretty neat ability if you asked me. But although Drake of Arnak’s ability is good, it’s nothing compared to the abilities of one of the most powerful summoner in the game.

After all, Yodin could add Blast to all the monsters on my opponent’s side which mean that the +1 Armor would be gone in a few turn just with the effect of Blast alone, as seen in the video.

Thankfully though the rule sets in this match was particularly useful to me. Both Earthquake and Spreading Fury helped a lot in this fight. Earthquake reduces mine and my opponent monsters’ health each turn while Spreading Fury gave our monsters additional speed and attack.

That being said, the reason I was able to win was because my Djinn Chwala’s health was a lot higher than that of my opponent’s monsters. If I used a monster with health that was 2 point lower, I might have lost
Still, it was a very close match that could easily result in a draw if not for the fact that Spreading Fury added +1 to the attack of Djinn Chwala – allowing me to kill my opponent’s last monster before the Earthquake took effect.

Yeah, it’s one of those matches that rely greatly on luck. But luck or not, I was able to win the fight with a Yodin using a weaker summoner.

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