An Unexpected Catfight

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Rule Sets: Back to Basics and Even Stevens

Spllinterlands’ ranked battles are always unpredictable, and as such you can’t always trust your opponents’ previous battles to predict what summoner and monster cards that they’ll use when facing you.

For example; in this match, I didn’t expect that my opponent would use a Kitty as his summoner as there was no indication of it based on his previous battles. But he did and I was almost completely caught off guard.

Fortunately for me though, the rule sets for our match were Back to Basics and Even Stevens. Back to Basics remove all abilities from monsters, while Even Stevens only allow monsters with even mana cost (2, 4 ,6 ,etc.,) to be use in battle.

Normally, a legendary summoner like Kitty would curb stomp a rare summoner like Alric. But thanks to the rule, Back to Basics, someone like Alric became a much better choice as he gave +1 magic damage to all my magic-based monsters on the field.

Of course the fact that I spam tanks with high health also helped a lot as they were able to absorb most of the damage for my monsters that are on the back.

All in all, it was my choice of summoner and monsters, and also, a ton of luck, gave me the win for this match.

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