Battlemage Secrets - Melee Mayhem Madness

In this week’s Battle Mage Secrets, we look at the Melee Mayhem ruleset and see what strategy works when Melee units can attack from any position. “Melee Mayhem” opens up the possibility of having a deck of all melee attacks since they're not restricted from attacking from the front only.

For this battle, I've gone with Alric Stormbringer as my summoner for the +1 magic boost to buff my magic attack expecting my opponent to use heavy melee attack which can be vulnerable to magic attacks.

1st position - The Kraken - Taunt ability to absorb opponent's melee attacks and also to have a strong attack once taunted
2nd position-Venari Markscrat - To martyr buff The Kraken and Djinn Oshannus as I expected my opponent to use a card with explosion
3rd position - Djinn Oshannus - Void ability to reduce magic damage from my opponent as well as fast, strong magic attack
4th position - Nerissa Tridawn - High health combined with a strong magic attack
5th position - River Hellondale - Wanted to use its resurrect ability to resurrect The Kraken so that it can absorb more damage for a round.
6th position - Furious Chicken - A buffer at the back in case my opponent uses the sneak or opportunistic attack

This battle went sideways from the start and the main problem was that The Kraken had no shield to absorb the onslaught of melee attacks from my opponent. In particular, his Coastal Sentry was doing major damage. Especially with its double-strike and speed that was boosted by my opponent's summoner.

The Weapons Training ability of the Kulu Mastermind was another good strategic choice made by my opponent as it transformed two cards with no attack into ones that dealt 4 damage per round.

In the middle of round 2, I still had some hope of winning especially with a boosted Djinn Oshannus but it was a short-lived hope. It didn't get to attack much and was taken out by the Coastal Sentry.

It was effectively a one-card wrecking machine - slicing through my whole deck like a hot knife through butter. Wasn't long before I was defeated. While I lost, it left me with a valuable lesson about how effective the Coastal Sentry can be when it is allowed to attack from behind the frontline.

You can check out the entire battle here:

That's all for this Melee Mayhem edition of the Battlemage Secrets. See you in the next one.