Battlemage Secrets - The Odd Ones

In this week’s Battle Mage Secrets, we look at the Odd Ones Out ruleset and see what strategy works when you can only use units with odd mana cost. Important to note that this doesn't impact summoners.


For this battle, I've gone with Franz Ruffmane as my summoner for the shield boost. More importantly, though, it allows me to choose a Gladiator card - Captain Katie who I think is one of the best odd mana cards for low mana cap battles. Like I mentioned, you can use summoners even if their mana cost is even, like Franz's 6 mana cost.

1st position - Imperial Knight - Void armor gives him effectively 14 health which is very good for only 7 mana. Attack is on the weak side but that's ok. He's here to absorb damage.
2nd position - Gargoya Scrapper - I wanted some buffer at the front before my opponent can reach my attack units at the back
3rd position - Stitch Leech - Decent sneak damage for only 3 mana
4th position - Captain Katie - My main attacker in this lineup with the Snipe and Bloodlust abilities.
5th position - Creeping Ooze - To slow down my opponent and also to add a bit of buffer at the back


The match goes according to plan and Captain Katie does the heavy hitting damage while my Imperial Knight absorbs the hits from my opponent. Luckily, there are no sneak or snipe attacks from him.

Eventually, Captain Katie's bloodlust makes her hard to stop and my opponent is down to his last unit. It is pretty powerful with 4 melee attack but it can't stop me with 4 units left.


Captain Katie makes quick work of him and the shield from the summoner is also helpful as without it, more units would have died from the heavy melee attacks.

You can check out the entire battle here:

That's all for this Odd Ones Out edition of the Battlemage Secrets. See you in the next one.